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  1. Henk

    Eastern Province Saudi Arabia. Weekend camping in the desert... join us

    I'm hosting a Friday/Saturday camping trip to Yellow Lake this weekend. After some solid rain over the last week or two; the wetlands should be full and the fishing great. OB members or like minded enthusiasts are welcome to join us (2 Prados and 1 4Runner), we need a jeep to practice our...
  2. Henk

    OME suspension Denver Co area

    Well, as expected, the rear air suspension on my GX470 failed. .. due to human error and nothing to do with this great overland platform. Had the car serviced (90k miles) and came back with one airbag rupturrd and both out of position and failing. I plan to replace it with an OME 2,5" lift...
  3. Henk

    An Aussie's discovery of USA Overlanding

    With 3 months to spare, a passion for exploring and a "new" stock 2004 GX470, I'm heading on the solo adventure of a lifetime! I'll post updates on the GX's build and my decision processes along the way; share photos, thoughts and impressions while discovering this amazing cohntry and sone of...
  4. Henk

    G'day from Saudi

    New to this forum but not to overlanding, I love the founding principles and open sharing philosophy of this community. Having overlanded in South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Oman and the US; I'm about to head out for a 3 month overlanding trip in the States! My plan is to purchase a low...