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    Anybody got recommendations for headlight upgrades and where to get them from ?
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    Off road camper

    Thought has just occured to me and I would like the opinions of the group, would it be do able to get myself a second hand trailer tent and somehow uprate the suspension and tyres to make it capable of some 'gentle' green laning / wild camping ? Its just a thought while I am sat here at home...
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    Hi lift jack

    Now I have one can anybody pp my me at some resources that show me best practices with using it. I don't want to make stuff worse if I am using it wrong Cheers Pete Sent from my Nexus 6 using OB Talk mobile app
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    Northen england meet up

    There has been some chat about a northern england meet up. this sounds like a great idea. Can I suggest that the Tan Hill inn ( highest pub in england ) would be a good place, maybe a weekend thing as they have camping available . Pete
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    High lift jack

    Just picked up one for my lr 110 and need opinions on best place to fit mounting brackets, any one got experience with these things ? Sent from my Nexus 6 using OB Talk mobile app
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    Winch in a bag

    Looking at winch options, any body got experience of winch in a bag solutions rather than a permanent attached one, can't see me using a winch that often so could be a good option Sent from my Nexus 6 using OB Talk mobile app
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    New to the group

    Hi everyone, new to the group, my name is Pete , have a landrover 110 and live in lancashire . looking forward to getting involved with the uk group Cheers Pete