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  1. rzncain

    2018 Overland Raptor Build

    Also follow the build on INSTAGRAM @that_overland_raptor I have some stuff ordered and am waiting to take delivery of these things. -Ridgelander Undercover Hard Tonneau Cover with Rails -Front Runner Bed Rack -Front Runner Bike Mount -Rocky Mount Tomahawk Bike Rack (for my Santa Cruz MTB)...
  2. rzncain

    Help me plan my trip to Utah!

    Hey guys! I want you to help me plan a 10 day trip to Utah from Wisconsin. I would like to move to this area of the country so I really want to explore the scenery it has to offer, so I can report back to the Mrs. This rig in the picture is mine. I would like you to help me plan a trip this...
  3. rzncain

    Raptor vs Gladiator

    Ok ladies and gentleman. I am fighting an internal battle for a little while now. I have had 2 Raptors and 7 Wranglers in the past. That all being said, the truck in the picture below is mine. I love the space and it tows my side by sides like a dream with power for days, but my love for Jeeps...