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  1. endrikat7

    US Southeast Willing to trade my car for a 4x4 rig

    Trying to trade my 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker for a new overland rig The cars babied and drives as if it were a 2019. Dealer replace rear dif fluid under warranty. Has been daily driven. Driven to NJ twice, FL twice, and Savannah She’s never had an issue. Nearly Stock 6.4L...
  2. endrikat7

    Need a new rig, and want you opinions!

    Hey guys so I’m down in Columbus, GA. My rig was my rusty old 95 k1500 Silverado 3in loft with 33s. But I recently sold that for money to buy a motorcycle. Now I’m missing owning a 4x4 AND a truck, to the point that I’m actually considering selling my 2015 Scat Pack Shaker for money for a new...
  3. endrikat7

    Best Pickup Truck Tent Method

    So im looking to get a tent for the bed of my 95 Silverado but I’m between 3 different types. So far I was leaning towards #1 do to the price. I was wondering what experiences/suggestions you guys have had with any of these tent methods... 1. The simple tent made just for the bed. Cheap &...
  4. endrikat7

    Any K1500 Folk Out There??

    Hey I’m new to the forum. I got my first truck still, a 95 k1500 Silverado with a 3in lift, 33in tires, and bilstein shocks. Nothing fancy. Too many memories to get rid of this rig so I’m going to keep it. Just thought I’d go a more mature route than to continue destroying it rock crawling where...
  5. endrikat7

    Hello from Georgia

    I’m out of Columbus Georgia. I got my 95 k1500 Silverado with a 3in lift and 33in tires. May be new here but overlanding isn’t really a new concept for me. Used my truck to go wheelin back home on the Appalachian mountains in New Jersey. As well as lots of hiking, biking, kayaking and all sorts...