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  1. resqr1

    Keychain version of the overland bound coins.

    I'd be in for at least 2!!!!
  2. resqr1

    Escapade Back Country

    After more research I'm now leaning toward this camper. Anybody have experience with it? Good, bad or otherwise. Price is definitely right.
  3. resqr1

    Warning About SuperWinch

    Superwinch was just bought out by Westin.
  4. resqr1

    Propane bottle mount for Jeep JKU roof rack (side)

    I hope this is the right place for this. I'm trying to figure out how to mount a propane bottle (5 or 10 lb.) to my roof rack, but I want it on the rear passenger side not the top. Any suggestions?
  5. resqr1

    Expo Trailer w/RTT or Squaredrop?

    Look into an Opus Off Road. It seems to be the perfect fit for your scenario and future when the littles become bigs. They even have an AIR option that damn near sets up by itself. Be aware...they are not cheap!!!
  6. resqr1

    RTT Installation

    I ended up leaving the crossbars mounted to the tent. I remove the crossbars to take it off. So far, it's WAAAYYY easier. Better accessibility. Gonna try the 2x4s next go around. Thanks!!!!
  7. resqr1

    RTT Installation

    Nope. It has to come off after every trip. Won't fit in my garage with the tent on.
  8. resqr1

    RTT Installation

    It's a Smittybilt Overlander XL on a Kargomaster Safari rack. I had to buy additional cross bars for the rack. It was just a pain to get it lifted to the top and secured. Very little room for tightening the brackets to the rack.
  9. resqr1

    RTT Installation

    Any ideas about getting a RTT mounted? Mine is a complete pain in the butt. Took three of us forever to get it on top of my Jeep. Youtube makes everything look way easier than it actually is. I have thought about and really looked at a mobile hoist. Looks like it could be rigged to make...
  10. resqr1

    OB Members Nebraska

    Hi all. I have a 2017 JKU. Modified a little for a RTT. It's still a work in progress. Took it to Colorado last year for some trails and camping. HOOKED!!!! FYI ... Fullerton flooded big time. They only allow vehicles on the trails a few times a year. May 24-26 is the first weekend...
  11. resqr1

    Ultimate Overlander?

    I just found this on Craigslist. Not an attempt to sell. It's definitely not mine. But HOLY COW!!!! All the goodies... 2018 Overland Street Legal off-road expedition vehicle – - Currently Licensed in Arizona 2018 - 454 Big Block – Fuel Injected dry sump American-made Chevrolet...
  12. resqr1

    Suggestions for my next Overland rig

    In that price range with those trades you should be able to get into a Tacoma or Four Runner. Not new, but lightly used. And most people never use them to their potential, so some aspects could be like-new. I drove a Four Runner TRD Off Road last year for a trip. It was an awesome vehicle.
  13. resqr1

    Coyote Works

    I was on a fire dept. for almost 10 years. Vehicle fires SUCK!!!! The biggest warning we had was to stay off line from the bumpers. They have gas in them for impact absorption. When they go, it's like a rocket. Saw one video of an instant amputation. They are no joke. I stopped at one on...
  14. resqr1

    Full coverage rig insurance?

    Interesting. I've been with State Farm for over 20 years. My Jeep, which is my primary overlander, has full coverage. Xterra is Liability and Comp only. Anything attached to either vehicle is covered by Comp. Roof rack, gas cans, winch, etc. Full coverage covers any damage caused by me...
  15. resqr1

    RoadShower vs WaterPort ??

    Does the water warm up if it's mounted outside? Looks like it would.
  16. resqr1

    Bumper / winch question

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Gives me a lot more options.
  17. resqr1

    Bumper / winch question

    I just purchased a 2004 Nissan Xterra. I want to add a winch to the front. But the only bumper I can find is an ARB. Darn things cost half of what I paid for the vehicle. So my question is this...can a 9500 lb. winch be attached to a heavy duty bush guard that attaches directly to the frame?
  18. resqr1

    Christmas was good!!!!

    Got some new stuff for the Jeep. Some KMS steps for the sides. An annex for my Smittybilt XL RTT. And a Mr. Heater Big Buddy. Can't wait to get out and give them a nice "welcome to the family". Time for a little weekend adventure.