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  1. jdunk

    US Northwest [SOLD] Tacoma, WA - '17 CVT Trailer w/Tent - $7,000

    CVT Off Road trailer with Tent. 2017 CVT Trailer Gray with the short cargo bars. Detailed information on the trailer on the CVT website. 2018 CVT Mt. Manzama trailer tent (Standard). More details on the CVT website. Anti-condensation mat for the...
  2. jdunk

    US Northwest [PENDING SALE] Tacoma, WA - '06 Jeep XK - QD-II - $15k

    Built, reliable 2006 Jeep Commander (XK) Limited w/ Quadra Drive II. New engine at 105k, 125k currently on the Odo. OME suspension, front and rear RRO UCA's RRO Spacer in the rear Front Runner SlimLine II Roof Rack Vision X lights on the roof BFG T/A KO2 - 265/70R17 only a couple thousand miles...
  3. jdunk

    2019 NW Overland Rally - 06/20/2019

    Since the date has been announced, it seemed like the more notice the better for most people. Let's see how many Overland Bound members we can get together! View Rally Point Details
  4. jdunk

    FOR SALE - Tacoma, WA - CVT Mt Thielsen RTT - $950 - Will not ship

    I have a Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. Thielsen Roof Top Tent for sale. CVT does not produce this model any longer. It is very similar to one offered by Freespirit Recreation (Adventure Series). It works very well. This is the "Large", non power version There are no rips in the canvas, the...
  5. jdunk

    Western US - Full Circle

    For the vast majority of people that don’t follow me on YouTube, you probably didn’t see that I’m working on a trip around the west of the United States in late September, early October. There are a few places on my list that I know I’m going to stop at. Otherwise, I really don’t have any set...
  6. jdunk

    OBNW: Second Annual Memorial Day Adventure - 05/26/2018

    Travel the back country between Prineville and Seneca Oregon, along a modified version of the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (route 4). Primary communications: GMRS Channel 20 - No Privacy Code - 462.6750 Mhz I have extra hand held units - a GMRS license is no longer required if you are...
  7. jdunk

    In Bend 3/17

    I'm going to be in Bend Saturday, and was looking to see if anyone knew of a good spot to sit around a campfire, chat, drink some beer, and maybe eat some food... If anyone knows of a good spot, or wants to meet up, let me know!
  8. jdunk

    Gauging interest for this years Memorial Day trip

    The Rally Point is up! Discuss the event on the forums ( ) or on the OBNW Facebook Page! ------ Gauging...
  9. jdunk

    Hide and seek, OB edition!

    Hide and seek. Overland Bound edition! OK, probably not so much "hiding"... I am taking some family out for a Saturday & Sunday (2nd & 3rd) adventure into Olympic National Forest. I'll have stickers with me, and a Challenge coin for the first OB member that finds us! As I have cell...
  10. jdunk

    OB Approved Official OB North America Regional Trips and Events

    This thread is a consolidated list of Official Overland Bound regional events. If you see an issue, please contact the Regional Ambassador responsible for the region directly. United States Northwest ( ) Northwest Overland Rally (Rally Point - Forum) - 6/20/2019 - 6/23/2019 West (Michael)...
  11. jdunk

    Washington State Trailer Registration

    Has anyone registered a trailer in Washington State? Specifically something home built, or without a VIN? I have this CVT Trailer, and since Oregon doesn't require little trailers to be registered, it doesn't have VIN (or a title). I'm trying to figure out what all I need to do to get this...
  12. jdunk

    Northwest - June 3rd Potluck and Meet and Greet

    Saturday June 3rd at Seaquest State Park. ! More information, including the who's bringing what list! I'll keep an eye on both locations to make sure I get everyones feedback.
  13. jdunk

    Northwest - June 3rd Potluck and Meet and Greet

    Saturday June 3rd at Seaquest State Park. [ Map of the Park | Google Maps ] I have reserved Shelter S-1 Because this is a "No Pass" day at the park, you will not need to pay any day use fees, or have any state park passes. The area reserved is good for up to 100 people, so... yeah. If you...
  14. jdunk

    Northwest - Memorial Day Weekend, WABDR (modified)

    This is the official thread for the WA BDR run, Memorial Day weekend. Current Rig Count: 8! Tentatively full! If there is another group leader, we can split the group and add more! Current People Count: 11! Sign up: I'm not sure how many people I'm going to be able to take on this run. It...
  15. jdunk

    NW - Last Minute Trip (4/15)

    Cross posting this so that it gets some exposure... I've decided to just find someplace to go, and go next weekend. Anyone interested? I'm cross posting here, and in the NW Region section. Let's show this weather we've been having that it can't control us!
  16. jdunk

    Anyone up for next weekend? (4/15)

    I know the weather is still crappy, and it's kind of short notice... But would anyone be up for a quick trip to find a little piece of dirt that isn't covered in snow, or a completely muddy swamp? I'll be testing new gear for my upcoming trip across Oregon, so if you don't think you have the...
  17. jdunk

    CVT Trailer Build

    So I took delivery of my CVT trailer. I picked it up on Saturday in Portland. Before bringing it home, I had to go pick some people up downtown and go to breakfast. I was pleased to find how easy it was to navigate around the downtown city streets. I have plans for it, but with he...
  18. jdunk

    Possible Weekend Trip..?

    I was thinking about ducking out this weekend. Either leaving late Friday, or early Saturday with a return on Sunday... I was kind of in the mood to find some place to camp on the coast that I could let the dogs run free. Someplace within 2-4 hours from Tacoma would be ideal... No trailer...
  19. jdunk

    Hawkins Mountain "Mine to Market" Trail

    Has anyone done this trail? I've seen it listed as Easy, and "More Difficult". Since the scales are based on personal perspective, I figured I would find out if anyone has first hand experience with this trail. How long does it take to get up... is there a good spot to camp at or near the top?
  20. jdunk

    Oregon people... I am a bit confused

    As some of you may know, I am doing around 1,000 miles of the ORBDR this summer. I'm a bit confused on the different permits and passes that are required. It looks like I need to get in contact with the fire authority of every county I'm going to be camping in to get a permit? When do I...