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  1. Eric Neal

    N. GA Duncan Ridge Rd (4/10-12/19)

    Wife left town for a few days so I grabbed the dog, travel kit (bins) and headed out with no particular plan or route. With so many previous trips on the GA Traverse some divided into various segments as day-trips or as overnighters over the years is remains a very nice way to spend a day or...
  2. Eric Neal

    Got Out for the day!

    With the rainy, cool weather I decided to go for a day drive in new area for me. Rich Mountain Wilderness, Chattahoochee National Forest, N Georgia, USA Very relaxing winter drive on very short notice
  3. Eric Neal

    Report - Cohutta Wilderness/Big Frog Mtn. Loop, Georgia

    My wife and I decided to get out of the city to recharge & decompress with a short excursion up to NW Georgia this weekend. Specifically we wanted to make the entire loop around the Cohutta Wilderness which as you all know is a portion of the Georgia Traverse. We drove up to Blue Ridge, GA to...
  4. Eric Neal

    1st time to Southern Arizona

    We started our overland trip across S. AZ after a brief rest in Tucson following ou 1700 mile interstate "sprint" from Atlanta, GA. Our introduction began south of Sierra Vista, AZ as we began the Mexican Border Road. The track was absolutely beautiful with perfect weather and temps both day...
  5. Eric Neal

    OHV Spark Arrestor Requirement for out of state visitor vehicle?

    In searching for campsites and trails in CA & AZ I discovered a new wrinkle... any vehicle driven on state public land (or something to that effect) must have an approved Spark Arrestor and a non-resident permit to operate... Obviously being from Georgia we don't have any such requirements...
  6. Eric Neal

    Ideas/Suggestions for S Arizona traverse East to West

    My wife and I are driving from Georgia in SE US to visit family in Tucson then want to make a traverse(ish) route across Southern AZ from East to West: beginning on the Mexican Border Road (Backcountry Adventures AZ book by Massey) taking the Coronado Memorial Rd and Duquesne Rd. to S. River...