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  1. ChepoCDT

    Overlander México

    A lo mejor muchos no nos conocen, pero somos un grupo de amigos @Abrahan Perez y @IRR4x4TRD que nos gusta el estilo Overlander, después de haber conocido a Erick y familia @Jeepsies decidimos empezar con este proyecto! De momento nos encontramos en el centro del país, pero con gusto podemos...
  2. ChepoCDT

    Jeepsies in México! - 01/18/2019

    Let's celebrate the "First International" OB members meeting in México. We are meeting Jeepsies in Bernal and have an expedition through the weekend. Great places to visit and do some activities. We are meeting in Bernal, a really nice town in Queretaro, later we are going to camp in San...
  3. ChepoCDT

    Trip to Cacaluta, OAX, Mex!

    Cacaluta Beach, Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico 26 december 2016 - 2 January 2017 Plan: -Dec 25: Mexico City - Cuernavaca -Dec 26: Cuernavaca - Puerto Escondido Stay in Hostel "El Lugar", very clean and comfy. Sue, the owner is always helpful and with a really nice smile! Link on Maps...
  4. ChepoCDT

    Chepo's 2011 Toyota Tacoma

    Well, I can't consider myself as an overlander yet... But I do love roadtrips, camping, nature, offroad and general outdoors... I live in Mexico City and my truck is my DD (for now) so I can't do all the mods I want to! There is a lot to do to my truck, but so far here are the modifications...