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  1. LouieDoritos

    Newbie in NY

    welcome! from long island
  2. LouieDoritos

    Noobie from NH

    welcome! from long island ny
  3. LouieDoritos

    Hello from SoCal, new here...

    welcome! from long island ny
  4. LouieDoritos

    Newb in Nebraska

    welcome to ob! from long island ny
  5. LouieDoritos

    Members Instagram ID

    my ig is : louiedoritos
  6. LouieDoritos

    New Member - Acura RDX SH-AWD

    welcome! from long island ny
  7. LouieDoritos

    New Member, New To Overlanding

    welcome! from long island ny
  8. LouieDoritos

    Greetings from Maine.

    welcome! from long island ny
  9. LouieDoritos

    Newbie from Alabama!

    Welcome! from Long island ny
  10. LouieDoritos

    2008 Nissan Xterra pre-purchase inspection

    congrats! good luck with it, trucks are awesome! i have a frontier
  11. LouieDoritos

    Your rig now, future and wish?

    Have a 2.5 inch lift now on 31s, wanting to do a 2 inch body lift and put on 33s
  12. LouieDoritos

    2008 Nissan Xterra pre-purchase inspection

    just Double check the engine or any types of leaks and make sure no check engine light is on
  13. LouieDoritos

    Trail Puddles!

    Depends on how deep it looks lol
  14. LouieDoritos

    If you find a trail

    thanks for you input it helps out alot
  15. LouieDoritos

    If you find a trail

    lets just say you find a trail and its pretty bad(mind the fact i live in long island ny, where every trail is not technically for the public) any way to get in touch with DEC to ask for permission to go onto a trail and do a trail clean up, for uncase fire departments or police needs to get...
  16. LouieDoritos

    What Trail Condition Do You Fear The Most?

    basically everything posted first haha
  17. LouieDoritos

    Recovery Gear Poll

    hi lift jack, tow straps(hooks and non hooks) , jack board
  18. LouieDoritos


    now and then youll need a light for some reason , whether its for airing up or down, looking for supplys or just walking through the open trails at night, here are some things can can be helpfull. -Rechargeable flashlight(basic) -Battery Powered flashlight(basic) -Cranking Flashlight (never...
  19. LouieDoritos

    hitch tire carrier

    a awesome! ill check it out thank you for your input
  20. LouieDoritos

    hitch tire carrier

    t thank you! ill check it out