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    Too complicated /too expensive

    Years ago like 1974 my buddy Dave and i 2 college kids would pack up every easter break and gead down the coast on a surfing trip the goal was drive stop surf camp surf explore. We went in his datsun 1200 hatch back this was long before datsun became nissan we folded the rear seats...
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    FOR SALE Bfg ko2 285 70 17 carlsbad ca

    Bfg 285 70 17 5 tires 4 with 13000 miles 1 with no miles these are the original equipment from my 2018 jeep jlur i am selling them to go to the same tire in a larger size i wont seperate the spare ideally some one locally needs this set and we csn meet at atire store miunt your...
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    good to be back

    I am an older memeber but somehow things got kinda messed up and I couldn't log in Admin here stepped and got it straigtened out and I just have to say thanks and it igood to be back!