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  1. JMY24

    Weekend trip Northern AL, Southern TN!

    Myself and 3 other buddies will be riding a route from Gurley AL to Winchester TN the 11-12 of March! With the mapping resources we have there is no definite route. Our first attempt at this trail could be considered a failure, we took some advice from a 'local' on the path and ended up...
  2. JMY24

    May 7th Georgia Traverse Trip

    Mid September was my first trip with Overland Bound members. Our goal was to scout out the Georgia Traverse by covering as many miles of it as we could in one weekend. Starting in the Suches, GA area, we headed East and covered roughly 100 miles of the Traverse reaching NC before running out...
  3. JMY24

    Bumpers, steel or aluminum?

    To start, this thread may already exist and if so please just redirect me as I have searched and couldn't find it. I know this question comes up quite frequently and many answers lean toward steel for multiple reasons, strength, will bend not break, cheaper, etc. But from an overlanders...
  4. JMY24

    Long Trip Checklist

    So I'm not sure if there is a thread on this already, I searched and couldn't find one, however, if there is an existing thread please feel free to merge them. I've been off-roading and over landing for a while now. Destinations and trails no more than 3 hours away from home usually. Day...
  5. JMY24

    Georgia Traverse Thanksgiving Week Trip!

    This is a thread branching off of the Georgia thread regarding a weekend camp out on a tbd section of the Georgia Traverse from September 16-18. As a new member of the Overland Bound team I'd love to meet some of you as well as experiencing what the Georgia Traverse has to offer. Let me...