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  1. teufel hunden

    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    KK6BCX Ken, Glendora, Ca.
  2. teufel hunden

    Can I get by without 4x4

    My van is 2wd with a rear locker and regularly take my family out. I drive smart and understand the capabilities of my rig. I have however been places I probably should not have been in a 2wd 8k+lb. vehicle and only got stuck when I was trying to test the limits of my vehicle. Add a rear...
  3. teufel hunden

    SoCal Overlanders Roll Call :)

    Glendora just east of Pasadena.
  4. teufel hunden


    Hello Wanted to introduce myself as a new member. My name is Ken and live in Glendora, Ca. (East of Pasadena). I have owned several vehicles over the years from Jeeps to trucks. I would describe my experience as above average and would by no means call myself an expert. My current vehicle...