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    Solar Panel/Chargers

    With technology advancing in this field, what is the best way to go when it comes to solar panels and or chargers? I live in south florida and would like to get something I can use out on the trails or camping but still have handy in the event of hurricanes.
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    Looking for a new set of Binoculars

    Looking for a new set of binoculars. Nothing extra fancy. Just something I can keep in the truck and use at any moment. Any suggestions?
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    Anyone have a BedSlide or similar?

    I know the Bedslide was originally designed for pickups but I know they offer a vast variety of vehicles now. Does anyone use a Bedslide, or similar, in their vehicles? Is/was it worth the price? Has it helped out with anything in adventure?
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    Rafts for fishing?

    Has anyone used a raft for fishing? Owning a boat is an expensive and tedious task...but most of the best fishing is usually away from the banks/shore. Has anyone/does anyone use a raft for their regular fishing excursions?