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    Looking for some trails near Zion Nat. park in UT

    Hey guys, I’m going to be in Zion next week and am looking for a trail or 2 to explore in the area. As I’m just getting started any suggestions are greatly appreciated but easy trails would be best (I still have to drive 600 miles home). In case it helps I have a Silverado, stock ride height...
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    ARB awning, please HELP

    I’ve searched the forums before posting, I promise. I’m leaving for WY in 2 weeks and want to add an ARB 2500 awning. I have Yakima round bars and am looking for mounting solutions. Does anyone know if the Yakima Slim Shady mounting hardware will work with the ARB awning? Are the ARB mounting...
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    Backcountry 1st aid

    I know there aren’t many Central Coast overlanders but thought I'd share this just in case. This course is only offered at Allan Hancock College during the Fall semester. Hope see you there!
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    Overlanding with disability & gear recommendations

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get into Overlanding with my husband. While I'm 100% physically, he has only about 60-70% use of his right arm. We used to love camping before life got in the way. Now that our son is going off to college I'm looking for a way to bring him back into the outdoors. We're...