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    What is your must cook meal or must have food for camping.

    Deep dish pepperoni pizza on the skottle. Dough from scratch. It's amazing
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    Smokey Mountains National Park/Cades Cove Area Trail Recommendations?

    Hurricane creek/Max Patch is in that region and quite popular
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    US Midwest Ohio Valley Overland's Trans Hoosier Overland Route (T.H.O.R.)

    HB, I'm interested in this. Could use more details. Thanks!
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    Hello from central Illinois

    Hello all, long time lurker, decided to finally join. Long time back road explorer, hiker,mountain biker. Looking to get further off road. Currently running a 2016 JK Rubicon and a 2016 ford transit set up as a camper. Eagerly awaiting my Hiker off road trailer. Looks like a great group. Glad to...
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    Looking for some help in Chicago

    I'm about 2.5 hours south if you need it. I'd love to sit and look at your Hiker while waiting for mine to get built!
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    Trans America Trail Trip 2018

    And Wiggle was never heard from that banjo music??
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    Trans America Trail Trip 2018

    Right on! Safe travels
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    Wanting to switch from cable to synthetic winch rope

    One thing I have heard, if you change from wire to synthetic, make sure all the burs on your drum are removed. Cable can chew up your drum a little, the new line might not like that. $.02 CF
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    Hiker Trailer - anyone have experience with them? (Now Buildout)

    Thanks for the input. I just sent the deposit in yesterday! only 11 months to go. First State, I did enjoy checking out your rig at Expo East this year. I had rented a mid range Hiker for a test run down to the Biltmore. Kind of excited.
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    Hiker Trailer - anyone have experience with them? (Now Buildout)

    Hello all, I'm about to pull the trigger on a Hiker 5x9 off road. I have the proposal in front of me. Couple of questions for Hiker owners, why would you get a 5x8 over a 5x9? Is there any real drawback to the 5x9 (other than extra$$). Also, how do you guys like the swing away tire carrier? Is...
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    What is your must cook meal or must have food for camping.

    I have been using my outback oven for just as long. I love that thing. Brownies and homemade pizza in the backcountry!