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  1. avgjoe624

    2007 JKU "Cross Country" build

    Hi out there, So i figured i would go ahead and post this thread in advance to see how it goes, and to sort of aid in the building process from the beginning before i REALLY get started into it. So im currently away from the Jeep due to work, but have been stockpiling parts and making...
  2. avgjoe624

    the bittersweet feeling when you get to buy new parts when the old ones break.

    So I got a video walkthrough of the jeep today, and noticed that my rear bumper is rusting pretty bad, too bad so sad, it was an amazing bumper, but its time for a new one. sad to see it go, but got excited at the fact that I get to go bumper shopping. Does anyone have a ball park estimate on...
  3. avgjoe624

    Preferred way to cook?

    hey there, So traditionally, when camping I almost exclusively use the fire and the cast irons to cook up some grub. How do you cook? Fire, Stove, or other means? Pros and cons?
  4. avgjoe624

    Toughest trail you've been on?

    Hi guys, just trying to get an idea of some of the toughest trails around. Any suggestions? Im up for a challenge and gonna have some free time in a few months.
  5. avgjoe624

    Lets build a playlist!

    So I got to thinking,,, with all the adventurers out here, I bet they all have some pretty sweet music that just digs into the adventurers soul. So I figured lets spread the word. Everyone give out that one song that just makes you happy on the trail, the one that just hits the spot. Well...
  6. avgjoe624

    Over-Prepared or Under Packed?

    Hey there overlanders, so lately ive had a lot of free time on my hands throughout the day, and a lot of extra money in my pocket. So ive had a lot of opportunity to really dig in and research an upcoming trip I have planned from a few different perspectives. Watched a ridiculous amount of...
  7. avgjoe624

    what is your go-to tire?

    So its getting to be that time again where the old tires are just not cutting it anymore. they have a little life left in them but the preparation has begun. Ive owned and rode a lot of different tires, but have fell in love with nittos trail grapplers and im on my 5th set because of tread life...
  8. avgjoe624

    Roof Rack and equipment = top heavy?

    hi all, so ill start out with a little background.. ive always been a truck guy and one can imagine the convenience of a large 6 foot bed.. and then I drove a jeep and fell in love. Im also an avid offroader, and with a "full send" attitude, so much that I had to buy a roll cage for the day it...