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  1. GunDude

    Lake James Paddy campground and Old NC105

    My neighbor and I camped at Paddy’s Camp grounds at Lake James, NC and next day drove Old NC 105.
  2. GunDude

    Boone/Blowing Rock car camping

    Looking for Jeep camping spots around Boone/Blowing Rock,NC. Some where other than the camp grounds. Hope to camp in the snow.
  3. GunDude

    Brown Mountain OHV near Boone,NC

    Planning on going to Brown Mountain OHV next Saturday morning, (near wheeled there yet) then go to Julian Price camp ground to camp. As of right now, looking like 5-10” snow in Boone/Blowing Rock area. Should be some at Brown Mountain, I hope. If anyone interested in just doing...
  4. GunDude

    Uwharrie or Richland rd to Brown Mtn OHV.

    I thinking about going to Uwharrie on 12/8, if back in town in time. Go to shooting range in morning, do some light wheeling, depending on weather! And, then camp. Got me thinking if anyone was wanting to come out and test the capabilities of there overland rig on some easier trails. I...
  5. GunDude

    Roof rack on 2 dr Jeep Wrangler

    Looking at putting a roof rack on my 2011 2 door Jeep JK. I am looking at a Kargo Master sport 2.0, but looking for pick of roof racks on 2door Jeep JK’s.
  6. GunDude

    Brown mountain OHV 9/1/18

    Heading to Brown Mountain this Saturday if anyone interested in meeting up and going! Short notice, but been busy. If get a few wanting to go, could do Richland rd instead.
  7. GunDude

    Carolina’s Closed for Winter?

    Seem’s to slow around the Carolina’s? Anyone got anything going on? I just did Richland rd on 1/20/18. Could only get my neighbor to go! I know Uwharrie and Brown Mountain are closed till April 1. Just wondering if everyone waiting on Spring!
  8. GunDude

    Brown mountain, NC

    Looking at going to Brown Mountain on Saturday 01/20/2018. This is temp date, but putting this out there. Will keep updated, let know if interested. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  9. GunDude

    Uwharrie on 10/28

    Going to Uwharrie on Saturday 10/28. Stock rigs will not make all the trails. If, interested let me know. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk