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  1. BigDogYJ

    2004 Yukon XL K2500 LBZ

    !!! CAUTION -- Picture heavy post !!! So I've been living on the diesel forums for the last 15 years or so and figured its time to get back into the camping/overlanding/offroad forums again. It's been a few years but I have been known to do some serious rock crawling on trails such as the...
  2. BigDogYJ

    Long time lurker from Nor Cal

    Hi all. I’ve been lurking around and reading here for a while. Figured I better get with the program and get involved. I’m from the Bay Area in California. My wife and I have a 2004 Yukon XL K2500 with a 2006 Duramax LBZ swap. Started out stock but been slowly getting it ready for some...