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  1. DividedSky

    Anyone sleep in their truck bed? (No shell)

    I started this overland thing initially through mountain biking. Camping was just what we did between rides all over California and Vegas/Utah area. Initially I used a full sized tent, then a small bivy. The bivy was nice be I could set it up and tear down in about 3 minute which was nice for...
  2. DividedSky

    DIY Portable Charging Station

    Built myself a DIY charging station from the batteries in my kids old electric big-wheel trike. The big wheel ran on two batteries w 24v 7AH (series) so I rewired to 12v 14AH (parallel). Then I added in a power switch, 4 USB outlets (one w a volt meter built in to let me know remaining...
  3. DividedSky

    DIY Power Station Wiring - Help Needed

    My kids recently grew out of one of those little sit-on powered vehicles and I want to use the battery in it to make a small portable power station. The idea is to use a small case to hold the battery and electronic components and to connect a 12V cigarette plug so I can re-charge it from the...
  4. DividedSky

    Just another SoCal'r

    I've been lurking on here for a while and love the great information you folks have shared. It's been great in helping me get started.