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  1. David C Gibbs

    Simi Valley - 4Runner Test Driver needed/wanted

    Hello All, <Original Message Deleted> Dealer confirmed the 4Runner doesn't have 4X.> Bummer David #7988
  2. David C Gibbs

    Update - someone posted "Where's Michael?"

    Hello All, Michael texted me back at 15:36 Mtn. They arrived into Boise late yesterday, and he planned an "early am depart." So he is en-route home. I texted him back, thanking him for the update and asking him to "Drive carefully"... It was great to meet him and Corrie at the Overland...
  3. David C Gibbs

    Boise, Forest River "No Boundaries"

    Hello All, It seems odd, just a week ago Sunday - Linda & I were saying good bye's and getting on the road back to Boise. Overland Expo was mind-blowing! Yesterday at the local Farmers Market, I ran into Alan & his wife, from Sportsmobile. They were headed to Glacier NP. Yesterday the Mrs...