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  1. Sheepdog831

    They need to hear your story...

    Hello guys, Michael & Corrie, I know you guys are very busy with OB. But what you guys have created and the spirit of what overlanding is, needs to be heard by the masses. Our family appreciates the world that overlanding has opened our eyes to. And I think there are so many more who need to...
  2. Sheepdog831

    Lets call the “Frogman”

    With the heart of overlanding being adventuring with our friends and family, I think it would be killer to reach out to a guy by the name of Eric Davis. He is an author and former Navy Seal. He is passionate about adventure, team building, and parenting. This brother is no joke! It would be cool...
  3. Sheepdog831

    Have we considered???

    Hey admin team, curious if we have considered putting together a binder of “recommendations” for starting a local group. I know Kent R has been pivotal in mentoring me and directing our group, but just wondering if we have thought of collectively writting a manual? Also, what about a...
  4. Sheepdog831

    Where art and structure meet

    looking for some recommendations on either existing curriculum or how we at OB conduct member training. Specifically winching, rock crawling, high lift jack use, and vehicle rollover procedures. I realize these are basics and I could probably throw together curriculums myself, but I’d rather...
  5. Sheepdog831

    Vision for starting local groups

    Hello guys, I am in the infant stages of starting a long overdue local group in Santa Cruz / Monterey Counties. I have been very fortunate to be encouraged and mentored by my new friend Kent R from Sierra Overlanders. My question to you guys is, can you all expand on some ideas for the vision...
  6. Sheepdog831

    Too many options

    What's up guys! What we learned on our last adventure was "less is more". We brought our GoPros, Cannon Camera and everyone's cell phones. With a total of 6 in our group, we found that it was difficult to manage all that equipment with so many moving parts in overlanding. I would suggest...
  7. Sheepdog831

    Any "spearos" in the ranks???

    I'm in Santa Cruz county and am always looking for dive buddies.
  8. Sheepdog831

    Areas of expertise

    I would be interested to have an area in your profile that can display a members area of expertise that they are willing to contribute to the greater good. For instance, if a member is gifted with chainsaw skills, fabrication, motors, electrical, comms, navigation, medical, recovery / rescue. I...
  9. Sheepdog831

    New, need help. Lat / Long using iPad

    Hey guys, how do I use my iPad for getting GPS info to be able to share with my local group? Is there a certain app? Currently my iPad has wifi but not cell service. All input is greatly appreciated, thank you! Dan Sent from the "RVeeps" onboard R2 Unit (My iPad)
  10. Sheepdog831

    Santa Cruz / Monterey OB Meet Up

    Hey guys, after searching high and low it seems that there's a need and an interest for our local coastal folks to be able to meet up, hang out talk about all things adventure! I am in contact with Kent from Sierra Foothills Overlanders who has been helping me get somethiung set up for us out...
  11. Sheepdog831

    Santa Cruz / Monterey County meet up

    Hey guys, I'm new to OB and am curious if we have a meet up group here in our area? If so I'd like to join, if not I'd like to help get one started. Let me know, as always many thanks! Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  12. Sheepdog831

    Team ADD

    Both of our kids are hard to pin down because they have the attention span of goldfish! Lol So on our first overland adventure here's what we decided to bring: RC Trucks, this forced us to bring the generator to charge batteries Pellet rifles Baseball gloves Sling shots Swim trunks And for my...
  13. Sheepdog831

    When I grow up...

    Well, I ran out of time for my trailer build. So instead of my deadlines getting in the way of my adventure. We will Be tent camping. I decided to take the ramp off my little landscape trailer, paint the wheels and diamond plate black. Take off the the cheesy safety stickers and presto! The...
  14. Sheepdog831

    Grand canyon

    Anyone gnna be in the Area of the Grand Canyon from April 1st 2018 - April 7th? we will be there with our kids, looking to take the drive to the bottom and hang out for the day. It would be cool to meet with other members for the drive there. Lok forward to hearing from you guys!
  15. Sheepdog831

    Here to help

    Hello guys, I'm also in the emergency services and have been a field medic for a while. With the blesing of admin and the other health care professionals, I am also here to help with answering any questions or setting up kits. Safe travels!
  16. Sheepdog831

    FOR SALE 35” BFG KM2 Mud

    I’m selling one (1) 35” BFG KM2 mud terrain tire. 35x17x12.5 This was my spare tire and it has never been put in service. When I bought my new tires I could not find this size tire anywhere, so I went with ProComp. I’m asking $300 for it with wheel. It’s for pick up only. I live in Boulder...
  17. Sheepdog831

    FOR SALE Starting battery

    I’ve got a Die Hard Advanced Gold battery for sale. It’s only about a year old and is running strong. Never been ran down and needing a jump start and consistently displays 14.5 v. The reason I’m no longer using it, is beacause we are now using a dual battery system with Odyssey batteries on the...
  18. Sheepdog831

    Free Wheels

    Hello guys, my turn to pay it forward. I have (4) 17” steel wheels that came off my 2012 Jeep Wrangler. I believe they are 7 1/2 wide and 5 on 5 bolt pattern. They hold air and have minor cosmetic damage only. I swapped them on my rig for an allow wheel since I don’t do much crawling. I’m in...
  19. Sheepdog831

    Looking for a part

    Anyone know where I can get an old school ARB blue tire inflator? I tried PF Adventure online and they said they are discontinued. Thanks for the help in advance!
  20. Sheepdog831

    Grand Canyon bound...

    Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in about 2 weeks. Need some help on what to do when we get there, and how to get down to the bottom and what kind of gear do we need. Thanks adventurers!