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  1. Bam

    Rig Photos

    I am trying to visit at least one state park every time I have a day off of work. McIver State Park was first, this was Molalla River State Park. What's next? Who knows :blush:
  2. Bam

    Oregon meet ups?

    Any more events planned? Would love to meet y'all!
  3. Bam

    Rig Photos

    Slowly but surely getting there!
  4. Bam

    Member Rides

    Me, myself, and my 2019 Tacoma SR.
  5. Bam

    Members Instagram ID

    Love that Taco! @pnwyoter
  6. Bam

    Overland Bound HEROES|First Responders

    This is a great idea. Thank you ALL for your service! God bless every one of you!
  7. Bam

    HRO Yaesu Sale

    My radio arrived today. Super stoked to install this!
  8. Bam

    HRO Yaesu Sale

    Mine shipped from the Portland store yesterday, I'll be getting mine soon! Your store may or may not have you call them to verify that you still want it. Portland did with me.
  9. Bam

    HRO Yaesu Sale

    That is correct. The Portland, OR store is the one closest to me so they will handle my order. My guess is, they get their shipments of the radios from Yaesu or their main warehouse sent to them then they ship them to the customer. First time I've actually purchased anything from HRO.
  10. Bam

    HRO Yaesu Sale

    Asked HRO when units ordered are expected to ship. Worth the wait for such a great price.
  11. Bam

    New username! oretaco > Bam

    New username! oretaco > Bam
  12. Bam

    My Quest for Tablet Navigation

    I have a Galaxy Tab S4. How can I use GAIA when my tablet isn't activated through cellular data? I use the app on my Galaxy S9+ all the time but have never done it without data before.
  13. Bam

    Who's in the Region?

    Oregon City here but I am up in the Portland-Vancouver metro area a lot.
  14. Bam

    Oregon Coast Trip

    There's also the Wildlife Safari in Winston. 600 acre drive-thru safari that is EPIC!
  15. Bam

    Rig Photos

    Don't have any of the overland goodies just yet but I am building up! Next mod is a Roof Rack and/or Bed Rack.
  16. Bam

    Cheap mounts for my FJ Cruiser

    Love this. What's the likelihood that the hatchet or other accessories are going to come off when on heavy trails? I'm not too familiar with those mounts.
  17. Bam

    Your bucketlist destinations

    I've always wanted to go to MOAB. Before I sold my '94 4Runner, I was trying to build it up so I could run some of the harder routes. I would also love to see some Midwest runs during the winter.
  18. Bam

    HRO Yaesu Sale

    I can't seem to find anything on this but the Yaesu FTM-400XDR is on sale for $409 at HRO. Thinking of picking one up myself as I get ready to schedule my HAM test! EDIT: I have purchased the radio. Looks like I need to schedule my HAM test next!
  19. Bam

    Portland,OR overlander newbie

    Howdy neighbor. I'm located in Oregon City but used to live in Gresham. Silverfox and La-Dee are great trail spots. If you're in the Molalla area, go down Sawtell Rd until it becomes Family Camp Rd and there are TONS of trails and shooting spots up there.
  20. Bam

    Why you need to buy a quality Handheld (Portable) radio.

    I have been debating in getting my HAM license and an in-car radio. Would it be wise to add the in-car radio before I do my test? I've been hearing conflicting arguements that you can listen on them without a license, you just can't speak. Is that true?