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  1. RaggedViking

    EDC Pocket Organizer

    I'm with you on the corporate stare down and random questioning to why you have such things strapped to you... Believe me.. I carry a small Maratac flashlight and pry bar in my side pocket, as well as a OKC Carter Prime in my back pocket. Most go unnoticed. It's the belt knife that gets the...
  2. RaggedViking

    EDC Pocket Organizer

    Cool concept though, right? That company - Klecker - has some other wild, outside of the box thinking, solutions.
  3. RaggedViking

    EDC Pocket Organizer

    I did an overview of this product after talking to the folks who launched it. They were supposed to send me a sample, and it never happened. Not sure what happened there. But I can tell you it gets expensive - quick!!!
  4. RaggedViking

    RIP: Stock Exhaust

    Well I will say that the Series 50 all welded up and installed. I'm getting 2 more MPG, it sounds pretty darn mean, the truck moves faster, and I am still considering the CAI!!!!
  5. RaggedViking

    Honda Element

    Steve - In their last year of production they sold some disgustingly low number of units in North America. The next year, the number tripled! I agree - they should have kept it! My father in law has one - bought it new in 2008. He uses it for everything. We even put a Bridgeport milling machine...
  6. RaggedViking

    RIP: Stock Exhaust

    Over the weekend my 4Runner hit 196K miles. I've owned her since she only had 140K miles on her - but before me it was owned by a woman who lived down by the shore and kept it clean, and up-to-date. As if by clockwork, my exhaust fell off right around the turn over from 195,999-196,005. I'm not...
  7. RaggedViking

    Well.. I hit 196,000 miles last week... Seems like a good point for the original stock exhaust...

    Well.. I hit 196,000 miles last week... Seems like a good point for the original stock exhaust to fall off... Time to build me a new one.
  8. RaggedViking

    Oroville evacuation

    I agree. People have been getting a little snappy on here lately. We're a community of like-minded individuals, no need to posture.
  9. RaggedViking

    Vermont Chapter

    I'm down in Readsboro - and split my time between there and my home in CT.
  10. RaggedViking

    rtic coolers are on sale currently

    Hahah wow man, take it easy. Not everyone hangs out here.
  11. RaggedViking

    rtic coolers are on sale currently

    Here's where I am with it all: We don't know all the details of the suit, but there's plenty of homegrown testing that's been done comparing RTIC to YETI - and they perform pretty on par with one another. For all we know, that could change. YETI may decree that the insulation being used can't be...
  12. RaggedViking

    Lifting a 2016 4runner?

    When I had my Tundra I had all the lift and suspension work done by them for this very reason. I don't know the details, but I seem to remember that the only way to void the warranty when doing a lift or suspension is from disabling a feature, or changing the angle of the drive shaft past a...
  13. RaggedViking

    rtic coolers are on sale currently

    Well, let's be honest - who goes out and gets just one growler these days!!! Thanks for getting back to me on it.
  14. RaggedViking

    Lifting a 2016 4runner?

    There's so so so so so much about this available here and on other forums. I was planning on buying a 2016 4Runner last year and decided I was too in love to get rid of or replace my 2005. But I did do some research: I don't believe there's a lift in this one. But @Steve has done some magical...
  15. RaggedViking

    rtic coolers are on sale currently

    Here's what I need to research: which one of these buggers will holder beer growlers and bombers upright! I have the Tundra 35 and it's the perfect size for the back of the 4Runner, as well as a few days out with the family. BUT - if we go on a craft beer run - I can't put them in there because...
  16. RaggedViking

    Cheers from Vermont

    Welcome to the party!
  17. RaggedViking

    Need help with mounting an awning

    Agreed. There may be some spacing differences, but as long as you get that top hole to line up, you could always drill a second hole for the bottom, or slot the bottom hole.
  18. RaggedViking

    North-East OB presence?

    Oh yeah? I live in the area.
  19. RaggedViking

    rtic coolers are on sale currently

    @Steve haha yeah it's a bit opinionated on my part. RTIC has been going after YETI really hard in their marketing campaigns, all while copying their designs and materials almost perfectly. I just think that's dirty pool. You poke the bear while stealing food out of it's den - it's going to lash...
  20. RaggedViking

    Roof rack questions-

    Anything that bolts to the roof!!!!! Those factory rails won't hold much more than 175lbs.