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  1. LouieDoritos

    If you find a trail

    lets just say you find a trail and its pretty bad(mind the fact i live in long island ny, where every trail is not technically for the public) any way to get in touch with DEC to ask for permission to go onto a trail and do a trail clean up, for uncase fire departments or police needs to get...
  2. LouieDoritos


    now and then youll need a light for some reason , whether its for airing up or down, looking for supplys or just walking through the open trails at night, here are some things can can be helpfull. -Rechargeable flashlight(basic) -Battery Powered flashlight(basic) -Cranking Flashlight (never...
  3. LouieDoritos

    hitch tire carrier

    has anyone used a hitch reciever to hold a spare tire? ive seen an adaptor of where you can fold it down and up when needed but need to make a tire carrier itself to fit into that adaptor, or anyone know of a good website that has a hitch adaptor? thanks in advance
  4. LouieDoritos

    Long Island,NY trail

    i was driving around out to eastern long island yesturday, and i saw a access gate 3 on the side of the road so i turned around and of course i needed to explore it, i went in and there was about 8 miles of trails in that spot, found out it is for a hither hills(state park) offroad beach access...
  5. LouieDoritos

    How to use a Hi-Lift Jack

    i found this link showing us how to use a hi-lift jack there is great infomation in here
  6. LouieDoritos

    wharton state forest question

    hey OB! i have a question about wharton state forest in new jersey, i would like to go and ride the trails for a day or so, was wondering if anyone has some info on it? as price to get in to the trail? im from NY so i figure it might double a little , i was also going to camp there as well, any...
  7. LouieDoritos

    roof rack on my frontier

    hey everyone, so i bought a roof basket for the top of my aftermarket roof rack, i have a rhino cross bar rack with a basket, my question is that when i push down on the basket , the cross bars look like that flex down, the bars are rated for 165 pounds. is that normal?
  8. LouieDoritos

    air tank placement

    hello everyone, i am not sure if someone has posted this before, ive searched forums but havent seen anything, my question is, where should i put a air tank on my pickup truck? safe spot? what if it rolls around by mistake and hits hard, will it explode? thanks in advance im just not positive...
  9. LouieDoritos

    is it a good idea?

    hey everyone, i have a quick question, i have a 2012 nissan frontier, stock rear bumper.. now my question is could i add D-Ring mounts to the bumper and weld it on? or would that be bad if i use them ,there is a possibility the bumper could be pulled right off? i appreciate the input ive looked...
  10. LouieDoritos

    When Your Alone and Stuck!

    Once in a while some one will get stuck in the mud, some steps to get out and unstuck when you are alone in the trails. I would recommend having a shovel, recovery straps and a floorjack or hi-lift jack while traveling anywhere. One Way Step 1: Put your car into park. So it does not move when...
  11. LouieDoritos

    solar panel on the rig?

    anyone ever think or have tried to install a solar panel on the rigs? to use for lights when your rig is off and to charge any devices? just thought of the idea and was wonderinf if anyone has tried it
  12. LouieDoritos

    New Member From NY

    Hello overland bound crew, names Lou i am from Long Island,Ny, i drive a nissan frontier and love to explore everything !