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  1. Biker Eagle

    New bigger grill/griddle

    Recently bought the small griddle for my 1 burner stove that stays in the RTT Trailer. I liked it so much that I looked at getting one for my Mr. Heater Basecamp 2 burner propane stove that stays in my Winnebago Drop trailer. (rarely do we cook in the trailer) And yes, Partner Steel makes 4...
  2. Biker Eagle

    Just starting out

    Go for're gonna love it.
  3. Biker Eagle


    Chelsea, AL here running a GX470 with trailer and RTT.
  4. Biker Eagle

    Partner Steel Griddle
  5. Biker Eagle

    Partner Steel Griddle

    Just arrived. PS griddles come in 3 sizes and this is the small one made for the 1 burner Partner Steel stove. Size is 9"x12", just right for cooking bacon. It has a 1 1/4" lip all the way around which is plenty to contain eggs, pancakes, or grease runoff. It is constructed of 1/4" thick...
  6. Biker Eagle

    Supreme gas...

    Anecdotal evidence, last 10 days in Tennessee traveling 1800 miles. Average of 10% ethanol 87 0ctane($2.29 per gal)...17.1mpg. Average of 10% ethanol 93 octane($2.77 per gal)...18.4mpg. Average of 100% pure gas 87 octane($2.52 per gal)...19.0mpg. All miles in my GX470 on the interstate with...
  7. Biker Eagle

    Looking for a Roof Top Tent

    Fiberglass/Aluminum RTT's start around the $3K mark and go up to $9K, which would restrict you to the used market. Also, you might be better served to research teardrop/squaredrop alternatives with the pet. Lifting a pet 6' in the air could get old quick.
  8. Biker Eagle

    DIY, T4R Fridge and kitchen slide

    Zeak, that is a really nice setup. Congrats on a job well done.
  9. Biker Eagle

    Supreme gas...

    Better gas mileage. With my '04 GX470 I get consistently 19-20mpg with Premium, but a tank of regular unleaded mileage drops to 17. My wife's CRV mileage difference is even greater, getting 32mpg with premium and dropping to 27mpg with unleaded. 100% real gas mileage is much higher for both...
  10. Biker Eagle

    Happy to be a member!

    Welcome FJ. You're gonna enjoy the content here, and lots of members out your way. Post up a pic of your Cruiser
  11. Biker Eagle

    Hello from Northwest Arkasas

    Welcome from Alabama...but grew up in Arkansas
  12. Biker Eagle

    Camping near Ocoee River

    Chilhowee camp ground in the Cherokee NF. Right off U S 64 on 77 about 7 miles in. Campground has some elevation so it's cooler in the summer. Lots of views as you head up the mountain to the CG. Some sites have electric hookups. Beautiful area and close to the Ocoee.
  13. Biker Eagle

    Project "Over Compensating" my 3.5x5 lowes trailer

    Ideas? Yeah, Bearing Buddies to keep those puppies greased up, and a wheel jack to make moving it around a lot easier. If you plan on putting a RTT on it then get a couple of leveler jacks for the 2 rear this little trailer 5 points of contact with the ground, very solid.
  14. Biker Eagle

    2013 FJ Cruiser pulling a Teardrops NW Recon

    The Tekonsha P3 is on sale at Camping World for $139 and Tekonsha Primus IQ is $80. Also any auto repair shop can install a transmission cooler. You can get by without one short term, but if you plan on keeping the FJCRUISER it will lessen the wear.
  15. Biker Eagle

    suggestions for a trailer/rtt set up

    Something ready to go...think more like a Teardrop trailer. (says the one who has a trailer/RTT combo):blush: But if you want to really go all out look at a Turtleback trailer and a 23Zero or EeziAwn for RTT's.
  16. Biker Eagle

    Camping gear list...

    Viking...camping for us in Alabama is October thru early May. Insects and snakes not really a problem. Summer camping in Alabama? Think Winnebago in a KOA. :blush: Summer's when we make our cross country trips to the high country in Colorado where snakes ain't never a problem, but skeeters can...
  17. Biker Eagle

    Camping gear list...

    Give tarp camping some consideration...simple and cheap. An 8'x10' costs as little as $10 at Wally World. Also, look at the new backpacking quilts vs. the traditional sleeping bag. Love my down quilt. DO NOT cheap out on mats...a Thermarest at a minimum. Good Will Store or garage sales are 2...
  18. Biker Eagle

    Not sure this item is *overland* approved clothing but...

    I had a Pat. Down Sweater and used it for 2 years. Never was able to warm up to it, no pun intended. Sleeves were way too long and the cuffs didn't seal up very well either. I thought it would be my go-to layer under my GoreTex jacket but it was never quite enough insulation. My wife now uses...
  19. Biker Eagle

    Canyonlands NP

    WOW just WOW. Moar! Reminds me of my 1st camping trip to Utah back in the '70s. Wife and I spent 5 weeks exploring Canyonlands, Dead Horse State Park, Arches, Bryce, Zion and points in between. To date our best trip out west. Wish I still had my '74 Toyota HiLux. I was too young and stupid...
  20. Biker Eagle

    Gerber StrongArm fixed blade

    I've had my StrongArm for 4 years now and during that time it has become my go-to backpacking and camp knife. Now my Cold Steel and Falkniven fixed blades just languish in my desk. I can hear the comments already..."but it's a Gerber". Yeah that's right, but a darn tough Made in USA Gerber. It...