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  1. Stepsride

    I just ordered a new Roof Rack for the Gx460

    I just pulled the trigger after a bit too much research on a new roof rack for the Gx460. This is the wife's vehicle and daily so this will be a slow build. So far I have sold to her the fact that we needed some new tires. We have had the the Nitto Ridge Grapplers on for about 5K miles. So far...
  2. Stepsride

    New LandCruiser 150!!...Umm Lexus 460

    So we just bought a brand new used 2013 Lexus GX460. Great deal with 30K miles. The tires were hard and Dry Rot was setting in. So I put some proper shoes on the new cruiser.
  3. Stepsride

    First Aid Kit - Boxes/Containers/Etc...

    So you probably guessed that if someone starts asking about First Aid kits something bad has happened. You guessed right. I slashed (4 inches) the outside part of my leg about 9 inches above your ankle on a ride. It was a nice one. I had to butterfly the cut shut with some tape and had to rap...
  4. Stepsride

    First Drive out west (MOAB etc) Suggestions to keep me married

    Just like the title says. The first two weeks of JUNE 2019 my family and I (2 girls 17 and 15 and my wife) are driving out to first Colorado and then to Moab. We are driving from Palm Harbor FL and wanted to get some input on, well, everything. The big things the little things and everything...
  5. Stepsride

    Classic Bronco Overland Style

    I saw this at the Thanksgiving Car show over at the Daytona International Speedway. Very cool event with about 5000 cars/trucks/things... I thought I would share.
  6. Stepsride

    Anyone in Florda heading out this weekend, 11/16

    The weather just got nice and I barely made it out of the NE before all the snow came. Is anyone going out camping this weekend. and that would not mind a very capable Jeep and knowledgeable guy to tag along? Just want to get out in the woods and enjoy the FINALLY cool weather.
  7. Stepsride

    Maybe not a review but an observation of Tire Pressure Gauges

    I just got some nice new tires and I wanted to make sure I am running them at the proper PSI. This is not my first rodeo with a Jeep JK or JKU or Land Cruiser with oversized tires and an E load rating. But come on, can I get an accurate reading or at least close to accurate. When we air down in...
  8. Stepsride

    Jeep JKU Roof rack with a soft top?

    I am guessing there is some good reason (FLAPPING) that I do not see or hear about many soft top Jeeps with a roof rack. Can anyone confirm an issues with this? I need a little more storage and was thinking about going with a roof rack of some sort. I just added to my rear bumper (RockHard4x4)...
  9. Stepsride

    Need some Help in Birmingham

    I live in Tampa and evacuated to Birmingham. I need some help getting home. Is there a vendor that can get very quickly the RockHard Jerry can holders for a jeep JK rear RockHard bumper. Also 2 Jerry cans. I am not looking for a handout just a vendor that can get things quickly. Thanks for the...