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  1. Scout

    battery operated camp fan

    Who uses what? I sleep in the bed of my truck along with my wife and hopefully 2 dogs..My topper canvas is black and I have a piece of insulation board on top.. Mainly so rain water doesn't pool. I have 2 smaller 5" fans but they don't really push the air.. I know that battery operated fans...
  2. Scout

    Awnings and RTT's on the trails..

    Not really sure where I wanted to put this question..For those of you that have RTT's and awnings/batwings, etc.. When you're out on the trails,in the woods,deserts,fields, or at events like MAOF, etc and you've found the near perfect spot to set up for the 1st night of a few to follow, how do...
  3. Scout

    Raptor batwing wing 270.. Who has one??

    And what are your thoughts for somebody seriously considering one? How is the set up take down after many uses? How sturdy has it been on windy rainy days? Is the thinner material an issue? are the plastic joint pieces holding up well? Can you show a vid of the set up and take down? I've only...
  4. Scout

    Anybody planning anything for the weekend of 03/31

    Its my birthday weekend. I'm going to be getting out to do something. Not sure what yet..Being a 3rd shifter now, I'll be off from Friday morning until Monday night..Sticking to NY,PA maybe OH or WV..I know its a big area but I'm figuring on staying within 8-10 hrs from home..
  5. Scout

    Sleeping mats, pads, mattresses etc..

    I have 2016 Tundra with a DECKED drawer system in the 5.5' bed.. When we go out for overlanding/camping weekends we sleep in the bed on a pair of these self inflating mats...
  6. Scout

    East region OTG date/place???

    I'm only posting to see if there has been a place and or date set up for this yet? I remember seeing that somewhere in WV was mentioned. I'm more curious of a date though.. I have 2 out of state weddings with one being May 4th (FL) and the other May 25th (AL).. So needless to say vacation days...
  7. Scout

    Allegheny National Forest summer ride..

    Kinda like the ride that was done during this past winter.. Is there any interest in doing one? My wife and I have seriously been considering it. We want to get a few local people involved. Thinking of an overnight or possible weekend venture. I didn't go on the winter ride but would that same...
  8. Scout

    Offroad lighting..

    Specifically, for my bed rack.. I am building a rack similar to a CanBak or Softopper..I think I want to add lighting. My questions are, is there a light good small and bright enough that I can add to the top front corners {behind the cab} and angle them outwards at an angle for night wheeling...
  9. Scout

    Softopper pricing..

    Who has the best deal going for a Softopper brand topper for my 2016 Toyota Tundra.. I'm pretty sure I'm ready to purchase one so I can get a frame built around it..Lets hear it..Go straight to the company or is there someone selling cheaper?
  10. Scout

    2 part post..elec power point and tailgate accessories

    Does anybody know of an electrical connector that allows the use of the trailer harness connector in the rear bumper to charge a secondary battery in the bed or to hook up an inverter? When I used to drag race, my friend used to use his bumper connector {the 4 flat connector}to charge a second...
  11. Scout

    Brake upgrades

    I need to work on the brakes on my '16 Tundra. Brakes pulsate and pads are below half thickness. In the past, I worked at a dealer and was able to resurface my own rotors. It seems nobody likes to do this anymore, even though it's the better thing to do. Anyways, I've been looking around and...
  12. Scout


    I just want to send prayers and hope everyone in Irma's path stays safe. I have many family members in FL, GA and AL. Been watching Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel. He's THE man. Pray that Jose piddles out but doesn't look that way.
  13. Scout


    Who has the best prices/deals for a Decked truck bed drawer system?? Ready...set...go..
  14. Scout

    Slowly but surely, changes will happen

    As some of you have seen from my posts, I own a 2016 Toyota Tundra SR5 dual cab.. Ive been trying to figure out what direction I want to go with it as far as a "build project". I don't want to go too crazy with it as I also have a 1966 IH Scout 800 that I've been building/modifying for waay too...
  15. Scout

    I have an idea.. what are your thoughts?

    I have a 2016 Toyota Tundra.. I REALLY like the versatility of the CANBACK bed cover systems.. I've been thinking that I might be able to build something close and make it more "utility" at the same time..I have thought of purchasing something like this...
  16. Scout

    Overlanding event

    I saw that AOAA in central PA is hosting an overland event.. I would like to go but its too close to our vaca time.. Are there any "East" regioners heading out??
  17. Scout

    Any other International folks?

    I have a 66 Scout 800 on a 70 4x4 chassis. What I purchased, a mere 10 years ago, was a 1970 Scout 4x4 chassis with a 1972 350, 4 speed and transfer case, already mounted, from a Chevy Blazer. It was sitting on stock DANA axles and mismatched 29 and 30" tires..Also with the deal was 1966 2wd...