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  1. BulliCruiser

    The Matterhorn experience

    The Matterhorn photoshoot is in my calendar and I’ll try to make it.
  2. BulliCruiser

    Rooftoptent Festival 2019 / Germany

    Oh no, sorry to hear that.....
  3. BulliCruiser

    Rooftoptent Festival 2019 / Germany

    Anyone planning to attend the 2019 Rooftoptent Festival May 16-19, 2019 at the tent meadow Zeltwiese Absberg at Lake Brombachsee close to Nürnberg
  4. BulliCruiser

    The Matterhorn Expedition

    I‘m also in CH (Zurich area) and would be interested. I hope it will fit in my agenda.
  5. BulliCruiser

    An Android Smart phone and DMR radio had a baby

    Now you connect with other overlanders and communicate one to one ore create for example a regional group like this Check out the Overland Europe channel on Zello.
  6. BulliCruiser

    OB Members Map!

    I have the same issue
  7. BulliCruiser

    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    Thank you so much Chris
  8. BulliCruiser

    First Responders - Overland Bound Emblem Rocker

    awesome Idea. I`m a german volunteer Firefighter / Medic since 1993, member of a Search and Rescue Team ( ) I had several Humanitarian Aid deployments in Asia and Europe
  9. BulliCruiser

    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    How long does it take to get the number? I purchased the membership and haven’t heard ever since.... ( got only the email confirmation)
  10. BulliCruiser


    Yes, I think it‘s pretty cool for convoy‘s or if you want to communicate over a bigger distance. There are also Android POC devices available, which are designed for such kind of apps.
  11. BulliCruiser

    An Android Smart phone and DMR radio had a baby

    Any interest to set up regional Zello Channels? I think it’s an awesome tool as long as network coverage is available....
  12. BulliCruiser


    I was wondering which communication means you guys are using when traveling in a group. Since the mobile network coverage is quiet ok, I thought Zello communication app might be a good option, especially in combination with CB etc. for the areas without network coverage. What are your thoughts...
  13. BulliCruiser

    Overlandbound Member Meetup in 2019 Germany

    I would be certainly also interested to meet some other overlanders. anyone planning to go to the Dachzeltfestival in Mai?
  14. BulliCruiser

    Some Show Dates to Add To Your Diaries !

    There are some more interesting events in Europe Adventure Southside Eigeltingen (close to Lake Constance) / Germany / July 10-14 2019 Rooftop tent Festival / Brombach lake near Nurnberg / Germany / Mai 16-19 2019 Freiheitsmobile Treffen / Luxemburg / July 25 - 28 2019 Bus Bastler Base...
  15. BulliCruiser

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hello I`m Holger, 39 years old and I live in Zurich / Switzerland. I drive a 2018 VW T6 4motion / California Ocean. With that Rig I`m cruising around Europe. I`m into overlanding since many years and I have done numerous tours across Europe, Southern Africa and Asia. I hope to expand my...