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  1. cody_roberts

    Overland Expo East 2018 Discussion Thread (Not region specific)

    Like a lot of others , I was turned away from camping . I still wanted to attend the event , so I went to day use parking area to ride the shuttle , this lot was full and I was directed to another. Once I arrived at that lot it was full and the line waiting for shuttles was absolutely...
  2. cody_roberts

    Expo East 2018 Drop a Photo of your Rig so we can connect!

    See you guys there ! Coming from Texas .
  3. cody_roberts

    Free JK Grab bar mic mount

    Let me look , I'm pretty sure its somewhere
  4. cody_roberts

    2016 JKU Rubicon hard rock build

    It's been a while, but more mods to go on soon . In the works is a Midland mxt400 gmrs radio , a yaseau ftm 400xdr , a molle platform solutions overhead panel for the radios to mount to. In addition I will be adding the vector jke dock and my tab s3. Pictures of installation to come soon!
  5. cody_roberts

    2018 Expo East Caravan Thread

    Coming from Dallas ,maybe we could caravan it .
  6. cody_roberts

    Overland Expo East 2018 Discussion Thread (Not region specific)

    My first trip as well will be coming from Dallas. My plus one fell through so it looks like it will be me and Chase!
  7. cody_roberts


    I do not , factory hardtop .
  8. cody_roberts


    I am at my wit's end with a reoccurring water leak on my 16' jku. I have tried all the fixed found on the forums and YouTube . Not seem to have worked. Last night we had hard rain and I came out to a water filled driver's foot well. When testing with the water hose ,I believe it is coming in...
  9. cody_roberts

    Power distribution block in rear of Jeep JKU

    Would love to see this , link doesn't seem to be working for me.
  10. cody_roberts

    What is your rigs name

    Couldn't agree more.
  11. cody_roberts

    Dogs in an RTT

    Thank you guys for all the ideas , I carried up my 75 lb cattle dog the first time , I think the ladder was the one that was unhappy. I then tried the runner on the hood and he goes up and down no problem! Thanks guys!
  12. cody_roberts

    What is your rigs name

    I've been trying to come up with a name for my rig , reading through this thread got me thinking. The name will be "Burkitt" , if it wasn't for having had Burkitt lymphoma , I'm not sure I would have gotten into traveling or overlanding as much, it was a real life changer for me . I think it...
  13. cody_roberts

    Roof rack storage ideas...let's see them!

    Tepui Kukenam sky.
  14. cody_roberts

    Roof rack storage ideas...let's see them!

    I've got a shovel , axe and my RTT. When on trips , a 5 gal gas can and 16 gallon water tank go up top. For storage I use the Costco utility containers. Have been very durable and very affordable. On my xj rack , I had everything!
  15. cody_roberts

    High mounted water tank.

  16. cody_roberts

    New Cooper all terrain ?

    Update. These tires are still perfomring very well , they handled some gnarly overlanding with zero issues and have been great on road and in the rain. Anybody on the fence , I would go for it.