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    Roof top tent choices

    I would go directly to the CVT, Denaly model, with the new roof for rain. Those tents are for almost a lifetime.
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    Which tablet or Laptop?

    I'm going to check "Chirp" I didn't know that app to program Yaesu. You already tried it with Yaesu?
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    Which tablet or Laptop?

    That "APRS Pro SE" also serves to program the Yaesu?
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    Which tablet or Laptop?

    My first option is obviously iPad (all my computers are Mac). But, ham radio softwares are usually only for PCs, also some car diagnostics such as those shown in "Lifestyle Overland", very good, but only work on PC platform, for now. Taking this into account as the "solution" would be one of...
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    Are you flying a drone? this information may be essential.

    New rules of the FAA for the recreational flight of drones. FAA Highlights Changes for recreational Drones New rules to fly the drones of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...
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    OB Approved Overland Safety: Fire Extinguishers

    I opted for CO2 10lb. Exactly what I need in terms of reaction to an emergency and care of my team.
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    greetings from Germany