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    Magruder Trail Magazine Article

    I'm interested. Have a 2016 Wrangler unlimited and live in Post Falls.
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    2WD to Montana and Utah

    Lots of paved two lane roads in MT and WY with awesome sights and no people. If it's dry then no problems on alot of the dirt roads in a 2x4, if it rains or snows then I stay on pavement even in my 4x4.
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    MVUM vs USFS on Gaia

    Last time I checked you have to stay on the roads listed on the MVUM or risk a ticket.
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    Looking for more vehicles for Baja after Christmas

    Maybe. How far down and other details?
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    Spokane meet

    Is that 6:30 am? I will be home from work that week and will try to make it.
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    Va to AK to Mexico and back

    Get some good snow tires.
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    The meaning of your screen name?

    Mine is obvious. A 4x4 shortbus.
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    Advice for areas in ND, SD, NE, CO requested!

    Lunch at the Wurst Shop in Dickinson ND. Dinosaur museum in Dickinson too.
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    Redwoods National Park and Lassen National Park Trip, May/June 2018

    I grew up and lived in Humboldt County for years. Looks like it was a nice sunny weekend there on the coast. My grandparents married in 1947 and honeymooned up the coast. I still have the post cards they bought at the Trees of Mystery, you can recognize the trees but they are bigger now...
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    Cave junction Oregon

    Take your swim gear, there are some nice swimming holes around there.
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    Cave junction Oregon

    McGrew trail used to be a nice trail but is closed now. Lots of marijuana growers there and they don't like strangers, so be careful. From Takilma you could drive over Grayback to Happy Camp. Cave Junction to Crescent City on 199 along the Smith River is awesome.
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    Camping in Oregon

    OR state campgrounds are awesome, quite a few have hot showers and the bathrooms have always been clean for me. The only bad thing is they book up pretty far in advance that time of year.
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    Morrison Jeep Trail

    I'd be interested in doing this over Labor Day weekend. Let me know.
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    Eastern Washington/ Idaho Panhandle

    Post Falls ID here. I'm ready for all this white stuff to melt.