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  1. Zeak

    DIY, T4R Fridge and kitchen slide

    I chose to do a permanent build as this is not my primary vehicle. I built everything with cardboard first then transferred onto material.
  2. Zeak

    Overweight or just Right?

    When I started my build on my T4R The basic stuff was easy bumpers sliders Est. Now came time to build the inside. I pulled out my favorite garage bucket to sit on and started the build. when I was finished. It crossed my mind that I should have weighted the truck be for the build but to late...
  3. Zeak

    Tahquamenon Falls Michigan

  4. Zeak


    Thank you.
  5. Zeak

    New member

    Create Thread: Hi as a new member I would thank you all. I,m excited to be part of this organization . I hope to meet all of you throughout my adventures. See ya on the trail. : o) Tony