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  1. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

  2. Teh_Viking

    Going to Big Bear for some fresh air. 12/20-12/22

    Going to big bear to get away from the dirty air here in Ventura, If anyone is in the area during the day Thursday or Friday let me know.
  3. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Yeah I still cant decide if I like the 08 mirror yes. Id like to drive a truck with them on so i can tell for sure. RIght now i have a original 2000 mirror on one side and a later model like 02 maybe on the other side. haha one swings both ways... no need for heated mirrors where im at, we...
  4. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    The ones with the led strip typical are lower quality and the led strips seem to not last very long. I see them burnt out a lot around town. The retrofit is where you take a projector lens and make it fit into a regular housing, google headlight retrofit, its not too easy. Sent from my iPhone...
  5. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Yeah i don’t have much of any lumen output haha, holding my 1000 lumen flashlight out the window is more helpful. Still waiting to upgrade to some 05 style headlights and run regular bulbs, hid or leds just put light everywhere into oncoming traffic, or do a retrofit which would be the best...
  6. Teh_Viking

    1989 Cherokee Laredo Build

    Nice updates, switch panel looks great. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  7. Teh_Viking

    Simi Valley Reoccuring Monthly Meetup - 09/16/2017

    Had a great time hanging out, thanks for getting people together and keeping the meetups going in this area. Looking forward to hitting the trail with the full size rigs. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  8. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Thanks bud, it was a lot more work then I thought but they do not make much for this things so DIY it is. Have you had interest in your rig. Or what you might be replacing it with.
  9. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    They are a 36.5 x 13.50, I think you were running the same tire at one point the falken wildpeak, when I got them I needed something that would get some decent tire wear. what I didn't know is that at about %50 tread they would look like slick, I see why they released a new version. Right now...
  10. Teh_Viking

    Megacab Ram very slow build thread

    Truck looks great, Love the bronze on white combo. Full Size Overland at its best.
  11. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Thanks man, I was reading through your build thread this morning.
  12. Teh_Viking

    2016 Toyota Tundra Multi Phase Build

    Nice build. How do you like the light bar on the roof rack? if you only had that one would it be enough light for low speed cruising? Im with you on the debate 35 vs 37, I have gone back and forth a few times. 37's look beefy but are heavy and can kill the mileage a little. Since your...
  13. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    We made some new stickers for the rig also just before we left.
  14. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Finished product. Added a 8ft ARB awning to the side of the rack and 2 Husky boxes from home depot on top, $50 - $60 depending on when you buy them. These worked out really well. The boxes do have a rubber seal on them so they are weatherproof, we went through some hard rain in them and no...
  15. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    The old latches for the drawers were breaking on me so I switched over to some Southco latches which are amazing. Also added a piece of 1/2 inch plywood and some 18 gauge stainless to the tailgate to use as a cook surface.
  16. Teh_Viking

    7point3 F350 Overland Build

    Once I finished the rack and got it on the truck it was pretty much time to leave for our summer trip so here are some updated pics of it on the truck.
  17. Teh_Viking

    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    Nice Excursion, have any more pics?
  18. Teh_Viking

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    Perfect timing, I was going to use an android tablet but I borrowed a ipad mini for my trip. I imported some routes into Gaia and they seem to be working well so far. I Also have some seperate KML's for Places to see and where to camp that are imported from google earth. Can the color of the...
  19. Teh_Viking

    Awning Mounting Location

    If you plan on getting the awning room in the future and you put it on the drivers side, the entrance of the room will be at the rear of the vehicle.
  20. Teh_Viking

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    The wife made me some new stickers for the rig. Also got the camper shell back on the truck.