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  1. NorCal451

    VO 0036. OB 7333. #STATEOFJEFFERSON "Liber Primus"

    VO 0036. OB 7333. #STATEOFJEFFERSON "Liber Primus"
  2. NorCal451

    Overlanding the State of Jefferson

    In the beginning stages of planning to do an Overland trip across the State of Jefferson. Ideally, I'd like to do 23 counties in 23 days. Though it make not take place for awhile, I'm interested in at least doing some route mapping. Please let me know your favorite camping spots and Overland...
  3. NorCal451

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Last upgrade was procomp struts. Next is sliders and skid plates. Sent from my SM-G930V using OB Talk mobile app
  4. NorCal451

    What tablets will Gaia GPS work on?

    Picked up a Samsung tab E. Works great so far. How do yall have yours mounted? Sent from my SM-T113 using OB Talk mobile app
  5. NorCal451

    What tablets will Gaia GPS work on?

    Been looking to mount a tablet for music storage and GPS stuff. Would like to use Gaia GPS. The Brand new amazon fire 8 is trash. Any input would be sweet. NERWINSKI-SoJXx-OB7333
  6. NorCal451

    Member status. OB7333. Pumped.

    Member status. OB7333. Pumped.
  7. NorCal451

    North State Overland 4x4 Club

    North State Overland 4x4 Club
  8. NorCal451

    What part of northern Cali are you from?

    Just moved back to Placerville from North Dakota. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  9. NorCal451

    First adventure with the FJC.

    I just got out of the military and moved back to El Dorado County. My previous station (Minot, ND) really didn't offer much as far as camping and 4 wheeling is concerned. Snow wheeling was almost a daily occurrence, but that's a story for another time. Anyways, I bought and began building my FJC...
  10. NorCal451

    '07 FJC. SoJ Xx

    '07 FJC. SoJ Xx
  11. NorCal451

    FJC Stock Roof Rack Question.

    I haven't explored those forums yet. Not a bad idea at all. Thanks! John 15:13
  12. NorCal451

    FJC Stock Roof Rack Question.

    I don't have a particular one in mind yet, though I've found the baskets that are specifically made for the FJC rack are a little out of my budget. So I figured I'd look into a generic one that will sit inside. Thanks for the info. John 15:13
  13. NorCal451

    FJC Stock Roof Rack Question.

    Anyone know the measurements for a stock FJC roof rack. Looking to buy a drop in basket and just wanna arm myself with knowledge. Thanks. John 15:13
  14. NorCal451

    Tax return plans?

    Ive got no idea really. A roof rack basket for my FJC possibly. Maybe some struts. I bought a couple items to my my firearms CA compliant (I move back in may) which is a necessary evil I guess. Otherwise I guess I don't really need anything. Some of it will surely go toward credit cards and...
  15. NorCal451

    Tax return plans?

    Who's planning to use their tax returns to make some rig and/or gear upgrades? What are y'all planning on getting? John 15:13
  16. NorCal451

    Vehicle decals. Why?

    I like stickers that represent my interests. I've got stickers for my sports teams, stickers for snowboarding, stickers representing where I'm from. I enjoy the story they tell. Anyone can look at my FJ and know that I'm from NorCal, enlisted in the USAF, enjoys snowboarding, camping, firearms...
  17. NorCal451

    Any Preppers/Threepers?

    Prepping, firearms, camping, and overlanding all complement each other well. I definitely agree with the need to be prepared, especially with the current state of things. Sometimes I hope I need to bug out, I kinda think it would be fun. "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and...
  18. NorCal451

    Member Grill Badges?

    Exactly! It's more prominent and official than a sticker but less permanent than an emblem. So if a member gets a new rig, they can swap over the grill badge easily.
  19. NorCal451

    Lay Flat Gas Can Suggestions?

    Looking to get a 4 gal gas can soon. Currently found two different types on Amazon. Anyone use either one of these? Which do you recommend?
  20. NorCal451

    2007 FJ Cruiser. My other rig is a Lenco Bearcat. John 15:13

    2007 FJ Cruiser. My other rig is a Lenco Bearcat. John 15:13