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  1. Azza

    EU West Europe Wanlockhead Inn Winter Shakedown

    Look forward to the meet!
  2. Azza

    Adventure Overland show September 27-29th.

    I'm sure it will keep changing here too ! however first things first is to have the chassis fully treated so she'll last
  3. Azza

    Adventure Overland show September 27-29th.

    Can't wait to see the variety of overland Rigs and get plenty of inspiration for my 110 as I'm not quite sure on the setup for it yet, whether to keep the back and middle seperate with dog guard or have a camper type setup full length so we can sleep inside of need be and weather is too rough to...
  4. Azza

    Adventure Overland show September 27-29th.

    Hoping to make the show as not been to the AOS before! hopefully the 110 will be ready!
  5. Azza

    Scotland / North England Monthly Camp / Meet

    Would be ideal! certainly up for have more regular meets
  6. Azza

    EU West Europe Raiders Road Trial Guardian clean up

    Depending on when Steve, definitely up for this!
  7. Azza

    Loch Lomond & Trossachs NP Meet Up

    Look forward to the next meet!
  8. Azza

    Fun in our Isuzu DMax

    Hopefully not too long till the next get together, brilliant weekend!
  9. Azza

    Spring Adventure Overland Show's 2019

    okay cheers and same here [emoji106]
  10. Azza

    Spring Adventure Overland Show's 2019

    Having never been to the Adventure Overland Show, will definitely be coming along this year! I suppose that's fair enough regarding entry discounts, all clubs are going to want the same treatment, will hopefully see you there, will you be taking the 90?
  11. Azza

    Four days around the English Lake District

    Looks like an awesome adventure, looking forward to doing some laning and wild camping in the lakes, Helps that we are moving to cumbria early this year! do you have a route that you followed finding all those lanes?
  12. Azza

    Meet Up Location Ideas

    Has there been any meet ups arranged in UK as of yet? I'm currently based in essex so can meet for the South East gathering, however hoping to move to cumbria early thus year so if a meet up is being arranged for the north west may also be ideal
  13. Azza

    UK Members Poll

    1. My location is Essex 2. would be willing to travel up to 50 miles for a chin wag, possibly more if it suits others just outside my area 3. for a weekend meet up I would travel around 200 miles, possibly more for the same reasons as number 2 4. I've yet to attend the overland shows in the UK...
  14. Azza

    Creating Community

    Brilliant to see this being dealt with, as it does seem that here in the UK we are a bit isolated from other lovers of overlanding, or maybe this is because I'm quite new to it. However it would be brilliant if there were some local get togethers monlthy or even a couple of times a year to get...
  15. Azza

    Overlanders from the UK

    brilliant! where can i look so I can input and see other UK overlanders ? and Will look at that now thanks
  16. Azza

    Who owns a Land Rover ?

    Got these two old girls, the 90 is what I'm planning to use on the longer trips, while the D1 is mainly for green laning or pay and plays, however was also considering using the D1 for overland instead but not 100% sure yet! Thing is with landrovers, you end up getting attached to them, find...
  17. Azza

    Overlanders from the UK

    As by the title, are there others on OB from the UK? Seems we are few and far between and without a region under the regional ambassadors forum. Be cool if we could arrange our own meet too!
  18. Azza

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hi all! Newbie here from Essex, England. My Rig is a 1995 Defender 90 300tdi that I'm gradually preparing for camping trips and hopefully eventually overland trips! New to overlanding but I am eager to see stunning places and go on long trips being self sufficient from the vehicle Look forward...