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  1. offroadkid

    Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium $200 off at Costco And shameless plug... This would pair very nicely with the Goal Zero 200W portable solar panels I am selling in the Classified Section!
  2. offroadkid

    US West SOLD For Sale Goal Zero 200W Boulder Briefcase Solar Panel-NorCal $475

    Located in EL Dorado Hills, California 95762 For Sale: Goal Zero Boulder 200W Portable Solar Panel Briefcase They also come with a 30' Goal Zero extension cable AND a Goal Zero 8MM to SAE 15' cable. I purchased it in May 2018, but only used a few times . I'm letting it go for $475.00 New...
  3. offroadkid

    Winch isolator

    I don’t know if this is so much a gear review but I’m often asked about my winch isolator to keep everything in place and prevent it from rattling around. It’s from Daystar and is inexpensive and an easy install. I got mine from Amazon!
  4. offroadkid

    Spotted two OB Members at my work yesterday,El Dorado Hills.

    I work at Mercedes-Benz of El Dorado Hills and was busy but a friend came and told me about two built rigs parked out front of the dealership. I walked out and instantly recognized the 4Runner (Bruiser) from OB posts on IG or FB and there was also an FJ Cruiser. Both had the OB Banner across...
  5. offroadkid

    100 Series roof channel towers

    If you've been looking for a solution for roof channel towers for your 100 series I have 4, (enough for 2 cross bars). I took one set out of the plastic but never installed anything. I ended up going with a different setup for our roof top tent. I'd like to see if anyone here has a need for...
  6. offroadkid

    Tilted Warn solenoid boxes

    I installed a Warn VR1000 on our ARB Deluxe bumper and the solenoid box just mounts flat. A lot of other rigs, (if not all) look like they are tilted forward a little. Is this just something done by the owner, or is there a mount that tilts it up? Thanks!
  7. offroadkid

    Initial "spooling" instructions for new winch, I had no idea!

    I couldn't find a good category to post this so I'll post it here and see where it is most suited! After installing our new Warn winch, I studied the PDF instructions in the manual provided on Warn's website. I had no idea that after installation, there is another step prior to use which is...
  8. offroadkid

    Our LX470 (Ellie 2)

    Over the years we've had many Land Cruisers, the first a 92, then a 97, then a 98 100 LC, back to a 97 Collector Edition, and finally ended up with our current 98 LX470 (purchased on Valentine's Day 2016)! The 97 Collector Edition was nice, bumpers, sliders, winch, and 4.88's but with 35's, J...