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  1. bhunter74

    Arizona Overlanders

    I actually have 2 of those fire pits. I keep one in my camper that I have parked in Happy Jack and one for Jeep camping. I love them. They are also based here in the valley.
  2. bhunter74

    Arizona Overlanders

    Heading up to camper in happy jack. Going to the expo tomorrow.
  3. bhunter74

    SOLD Az-Tucson- Ikamper X-cover NIB- $2700

    Where located?
  4. bhunter74

    Arizona Overlanders

    Thanks for showing me this website. I haven’t seen it before. Going to check out a little bit of this trail this weekend.
  5. bhunter74

    Arizona Overlanders

    Thinking about camping somewhere around wickenburg. Possibly off of vulture mine road and doing hassayampa river off and in throughout the weekend.
  6. bhunter74

    Huge props to Overland Expo West 2019! It was an amazingly, well-run, logistically thought out event, with at least double the people! WOW!

    My first year attending and thought it was great. Only went on Sunday and didn’t camp on site. Can’t wait till next year and hope to camp there and meet some new people.
  7. bhunter74

    Thinking of purchasing a GX 470

    I have an 03 and love it.
  8. bhunter74

    Camp Tents

    Have a gazelle here and love it.
  9. bhunter74

    LX470 or Gx470

    You can’t go wrong with either one. I have a gx with 205k and it runs like a charm. I’ve had to do a few things to it but nothing crazy. I don’t need a lot of cargo room so the smaller gx was a better fit for me. These things will go forever if you take care of them.
  10. bhunter74

    Plow Disc Cooking

    Looks great, can you show us the bottom?