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  1. Ironhide Fx4

    Ironhidefx4 build, 2012 F150

    My wife and I purchased our F150 the weekend of Thanksgiving back in 2013. It just happened to fall into our lap going through my father's shop. Had no intention of buying a new vehicle at the time but the truck was so nice and perfect for us and what we had been planning for the future. We had...
  2. Ironhide Fx4

    CB NGP antenna question

    I have a midland CB with a 2' Firestik non ground plain antenna. I used to have the antenna mounted on a Thule bar on my Leer cap, that is now long gone. I want to mount the same antenna to my RCI bed rack. Do any of you know if that will be an issue? The rack is powder coated steel and will...
  3. Ironhide Fx4

    NJ to MT

    My wife and I are planning a trip from NJ to Missoula MT. We are just getting started on planning. So far we plan to stop in South Dakota and go to Deadwood. We also plan on possibly staying a night or 2 in Glacier park, although their dog policy sucks, so we may pass on that. I'll up date...