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    Tracking an overlanding trip

    OsmAnd, Gaia, Locus, US Topo Pro/free Take your pick
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    Why are there so few Silverado overland rigs?

    I'd do the Line-X again. It holds up great and is easy to clean. I see how it could get hung up on rocks but I live in MI and there are very few rocks around here. I don't expect to go through many rock fields or large boulders in a full size Duramax anyways. And agree, if I'm in that...
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    Why are there so few Silverado overland rigs?

    I had the MOVE bumpers shipped to my house and I built them. I did some custom work, especially on the front bumper to get a 18k lb. winch to fit. It was no easy task. Then I had them coated in Line-x instead of paint or power coating so they would never rust or scratch. Here are my built...
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    Why are there so few Silverado overland rigs?

    Here is what it looks like
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    Why are there so few Silverado overland rigs?

    I've been working on bed organization in my 2500. I made some places for the air compressor, shovel, air hose, and the drawers. I put all of my recovery gear in the drawers. This setup is working great and allows my cooler and camping bins (food and camping gear) to fit in between them.
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    Photo Game

    Installing bed drawers and some L-track. New challenge...rig breaking through the ice and being stuck. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Let's see those rigs in action

    On a trip to the Outer Banks, NC. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Let's see those rigs in action

    Spent the weekend at Silver Lake Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan's shoreline.
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    Ram Tough-track

    I haven't seen that yet. But that looks nice. It seems reasonably priced too!
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    Dirt Bikes: Anyone else throw one on/in the back?

    I love to see how you get the bikes up on there. Especially your full size bike. I've considered doing something like this but didn't know if it would be hard to put them up there and get them down. I am riding a KTM 350.