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  1. rochmpr

    FOR SALE 2014 4Runner Trail Edition - Trail & Expedition Ready - NorCal

    2014 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition with KDSS (Currently sway bars removed) 54k miles Located in the Sacramento area of Northern California. Now is your chance to own a trail capable, fully build, ready to go 4Runner. This 4Runner has taken me everywhere I wanted to go with no issues. Whether...
  2. rochmpr

    US West Pelican 45 Qt. Wheeled Cooler

    I have a very slightly used Pelican cooler for sale. Do not be fooled that Yeti is better. Honestly, as for comparisons, they all seem to perform about the same. A few things that make the Pelican better than a Yeti is Pelicans are actually made in the USA, not just a American based company...
  3. rochmpr

    8/5 - Signal Peak

    I am planning on making a run up Signal Peak on 8/5. This would be going in from the Eagle Lakes side and coming out Cisco Grove. Plan would be to meet at trail head and depart up trail by 8:30 am. On the way back down, stop in Nevada City at Jernigan's Tap House & Grill for lunch, then...
  4. rochmpr

    Great News - Spicer Road to Open

    Great news for those looking for a place to camp this holiday weekend. Spicer Road will open tomorrow off of Hwy. 4. They have made temporary repairs to the road to allow access. I believe Slick Rock may still be closed, and not sure about access to the other lakes and if the camp grounds...
  5. rochmpr

    Info for planning trips in the Sierra's

    Lots of road closures which lead to great camping spots that are now off limits.
  6. rochmpr

    rochmpr V4 Build - 2014 4Runner Trail

    I'll start with this is my first post here, but in no way new to offroadinf and forums. This is the 4th build since 1999, but have been out offroading since before then. All vehicles have been Toyota's. It all started when I picked up a '86 SR5 4X4 after getting out of the Marine Corps. That...