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  1. Saints&Sailors

    Barney Riley Hot Springs

    We entered at Loope Canyon Road.
  2. Saints&Sailors

    Barney Riley Hot Springs

    We were there a couple years ago and the trail was very rough - our book said it was a moderate but even with 33s, rear locker, and ~4" of lift, our old TJ scraped a lot. Great trail but was long/grueling.
  3. Saints&Sailors

    Usal Campground fire

    Sadly, given the well known behavior of individuals in that area, I'm surprised it didn't catch fire sooner. "Idiots" is probably a nicer word than is deserved. Hopefully, everyone got out safely.
  4. Saints&Sailors

    NorCal 4th of July Trip

    We've run parts of this but I didn't realize they published a guide for the entire route though. Thanks for the link!
  5. Saints&Sailors

    Laurel Lake Rd

    We ran this trail last summer. It was crowded so it detracted from the ambiance. Lots of talus rocks and stuff - can be pretty easy to slide and is quite rough. I imagine it will be worse after the winter we had (and there might still be some snow). I wouldn't do it in 2wd. Not worth the...
  6. Saints&Sailors

    Mojave Road End of June

    The heat would be a major concern for me - partially due to overheating and partially due to a minor mechanical issue can rapidly turn into a life-threatening one. I wouldn't go if temps are too high. If you do go, go prepared - tons of water, other vehicles, etc.
  7. Saints&Sailors

    Can I get by without 4x4

    Lacking 4wd will be limiting but it doesn't mean you can't have fun. You'll just need to be extra wise in your decision making and don't take unnecessary risks. Be prepared, walk the trail to check out obstacles, and, when in doubt, turn around. No trail is worth risking your family's safety...
  8. Saints&Sailors

    Camping suggestions in the area

    If you mean this weekend, there's a big storm rolling. You may want to consider postponing your trip. If not, be prepared - bring winter gear just in case. You don't want to end up in a compromising situation due to poor planning. If you mean Memorial Day weekend, things should be cleared up...
  9. Saints&Sailors

    Gears and axles 2003 tj

    33s will break a stock Dana 35 on the street (ask me how I know). Your options are as follows: Purchase a "Super 35" or similar competitor product that replaces the axle shafts in your existing Dana 35 with shafts that are 30-40% stronger. This is your cheapest/easiest option. Find a set of...
  10. Saints&Sailors

    Repair kit

    In my experience, you'll always bring the wrong extra parts. Perhaps it is different in South Africa but, in the States, you usually aren't more than 100 miles from an auto parts store so I bring enough tools to do most jobs and assume that I can buy the necessary parts when the need arises...
  11. Saints&Sailors

    Water in the Roof Rack

    Bleck! Looks like bad coffee! Good news is that this should hopefully stave off some future rust problems (or at least delayed them a few years). How did the water get in there? I'm not familiar with this roof rack design.
  12. Saints&Sailors

    US West Snowy trails for lightly modified GX's within 3-4 hours of the bay area SFO

    I haven't been personally but I hear Mormon Emigrant Trail would fit the bill for what you're looking for. In the summertime, I think it is mostly paved but it isn't maintained in the winter so it gets snowed over. Bring food, water, and blankets to keep warm in case you get stuck out there.
  13. Saints&Sailors

    Paint Job

    If your paint is peeling, you don't have many options aside from sanding and repainting. Under the "sanding and repainting" option you can go the cheap route just using spray paint which won't look nice or you can spend some coin and get your vehicle professionally repainted. Depending on...
  14. Saints&Sailors

    Jeep TJ - Daily Driver / Adventure Rig

    Cons: Terrible ride quality. Loud on the freeway (hard top helps with this a lot) and have a tendency to wander due to the lift and short wheelbase. Little to no cargo capacity. 4.0L engines tend to leak oil to the point where if it isn't leaking, it's empty. Misfire issues are common too...
  15. Saints&Sailors

    Best state for overlanding?

    California - you can get pretty much whatever you're looking for in the state. Beaches, cliffs, Redwoods, mountains, deserts, rocks, mud, snow, etc. The terrain is widely varied due to the large geographic size of the state. On top of the massive amounts of quality federal public lands, there...
  16. Saints&Sailors

    Wrangler $$?

    Echoing some of the other comments and annotating some of my comments on them: You're going to be better off with the 3.6L rather than the 3.8L. I believe they started making the 3.6L in the 2012 MY. I have a TJ with the 4.0L and 4.56 gears on 33" tires. It's a dog, particularly if you go up...
  17. Saints&Sailors

    Wrangler $$?

    Can't speak for Texas but, in California, you'd have a very tough time finding a four door Wrangler for under $10k. Partially because they didn't make four doors 20 years ago, partially because Wranglers apparently are made out of solid gold in California.
  18. Saints&Sailors

    Jeep CJ5 1964 Build/Restoration

    This is going to be amazing...
  19. Saints&Sailors

    Sequoia Natl. Forest - Winter

    I haven't been in Sequoia NF this late in the year but I think many of the roads end up closing due to snow. If you check the national forest's website they may be able to provide more information or simply call the ranger station - they'll be happy to help you out.
  20. Saints&Sailors

    Vehicles Ranked on which are best for the economy...

    Many times I don't find these studies terribly meaningful aside from the philosophical argument about buying "American". Although, they are interesting to see the distribution of the product contents and I can't help but dive into these rankings. In my opinion, buy from whoever makes the...