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  1. viveen4wd

    Upgrade nissan terrano II '95

    Just arrived from USA. I want upgrade the front axle of my terrano. It's a diy to reinforce the direction with the reinforced bars of moog. The problem with this car is the position and working position of the ball joints and the absence of grease nipples. For this I will use a mix of parts of...
  2. viveen4wd

    Members of Spain.

    Hi, Is there an active member residing in Spain? I live in a town in the eastern cuenca near Valencia and Teruel. It would be nice to meet someone from the region to plan future meetings or travels. Regards. Daniel vilar.
  3. viveen4wd

    new member from Spain

    hello, my name is daniel. (my english is something bad so I'll help from google and hope it helps me improve my level) I found you by chance on instagram and began to collect information about the forum, after talking with my partner we decided to become full members. My passion is the bushcraft...