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  1. Color_Country_FJ

    S. Utah to Olympic Peninsula

    My Wife and I are in the VERY Early planning stages of a trip from southern Utah to the Olympic Peninsula very loosely slated for late summer 2018. Just want to get some ideas from other OB members pertaining to routes, camping areas and sights to be seen along the way. Right now I'm putting our...
  2. Color_Country_FJ

    Fj cruiser cargo area gun rack

    I'm looking to put a gun rack in the cargo area of my fj, but I don't really like any of the commercially available options, has anyone made anything similar and if so can you post a picture
  3. Color_Country_FJ

    Recently purchased Fj cruiser

    I have recently purchased a 2007 Fj cruiser to help coerce the wife into going on some adventures ( she hates my 92 yj lol ) and I just was wondering what other fj owners would recommend to upgrade the cruiser