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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    This is the before pic when I bought it from govplanet. This is the most current pic I have. I just finished stripping the Interior and spraying it with lizard skin for heat and sound deadening. I also just swapped a 4 speed (4l80e) into it so I can get to highway speeds. I use it...
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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    He has a nice one. Mine is spent many years with with young government employees and it shows. It’s been quite a rehab project. I still have a long way to go to get ready for Moab next year.
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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    I would love to see your 1101. I am about to start building one out myself. Still trying to sort out how i want to set it up. I actually have the tarp and bows and I have been camping out of it already.
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    Driving “off the road”

    Recovery is always a fluid situation (no pun intended). No matter who went in for the recovery, be it a concerned citizen, tow company or ranger, more than likely they would have to do the very same thing to recover someone in a bad spot. So the damage done would be the same, and leaving the...
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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    I bet taking a long sweeping turn at any speed I’ve 5 mph is like a near death experience.
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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    I think I kinda fall into this class. My current rig is a 1995 Hmmwv. One day I would love to build out my LMTV into a camping rig.
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    I guess that’s where I’m lost as well. When we were geocaching regularly I always kept a few items to help different caches when they were in disrepair. I though it was about the game not who’s name was on the cache.
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    How exactly does one cheat at geocaching? Either you found it or you didn’t.
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    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    Well this followed me home the other day. It’s more than full sized. I would say super sized. Depending on how it comes together it might make a descent rig with a shelter on the back.
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    What do you do for a living?

    I always thought I missed my calling doing work testing designs limitations. I do it for free at home all the time.
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    Fire starting magic!!

    My trucks are all diesel and I carry at least 5 gallons of spare fuel in Jerry cans. If it’s wet a cup of diesel goes a long way.
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    Winter camping options

    All those layers,and water bottles, and mats and wife’s and pets are great ideas..........until you have to pee. That’s when it gets real!
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    KAT or Georgia Traverse?

    That’s he kind of input I am lookin for. I am taking a Hmmwv so I don’t mind being able to beat on it as hard as I need to. I have been up to my ears in YouTube videos trying to gather intel on the two tracks. Thanks for the input.
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    KAT or Georgia Traverse?

    If you had to pick one for a spring trip, what would you pick and why? Both are about the same distance from my home and I can only do one this year.
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    Go to Baja with looming threat of border shutdown?

    So where did you get your first hand experience on a caravan of nationals trying to cross the border and the geopolitical fallout from it? I don’t recall that happening very often, especially since the administration changes in both countries. Exactly how does one become an expert in theoretical...
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    Go to Baja with looming threat of border shutdown?

    Not a chance I would take my family into a potential hot zone just for a vacation. To many variables that can’t be controlled. Way to much downside.
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    Tips On Planning An Overland Adventure

    It doesn’t appear to be a valid link.
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    NP242HD swap

    If I were in your shoes I would just have one built at a local driveline shop. I have had a dozen or so customs drive shafts built and balanced. Last one I did they used the factory u-joint ends and I believe it was $250 out the door with a new tube that was balanced and ready to go with new...
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    When to call it quits?

    I would drive it until I actually had a bad thing happen. At that point deal with it. There are so many internet boggie men, if you listened to what’s out there you would only be able to wheel unimogs coated in nerf. As your wheeling evolves then your rig will evolve with it. There will never be...
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    What type of winch is everyone using?

    One is none and two is one. Everything fails. If it’s your self recovery gear then you can get yourself into a real bind in a hurry. I travel alone most of the time so I don’t have the benefit of help from another rig. I have had winches fail me in the past as well as hand winches and even...