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  1. Iubootgater

    Stihl mini trail boss

    So before we moved my wonderful neighbor gave me a old saw she found in the shed. Turned out to be a 80's stihl mini boss. After a little research I found these seem to be a favorite with north country hunters and outdoorsman for the small size and weight. I sprayed some fogging oil in the...
  2. Iubootgater

    Vintage survival literature

    Thanks to parents who love reading and a father who is a outdoorsman I have built over a span of 20 years quite a library of old survival text. I will going forward start posting books I have relied on for not only tips but anecdotes for the outdoor lifestyle. I have found some of these theories...
  3. Iubootgater


    might be wrong but thought we had a overland camp kitchen and bar thread back in the day...can't seem to find...
  4. Iubootgater

    Bed cap/tonneau/nothing?.

    13' supercrew f150 with short bed. Can fit a amazing amount of gear in back of these supercrews without even using bed, that being said there are trips and other things such as tailgating that using the bed is a necessity. We also haul kayaks around that are about 4 feet longer than truck bed so...
  5. Iubootgater

    Overland kitchen survey

    Alright OB fans got three questions for you all. #1 Piece of your overland kitchen kit you can't live without? #2 Piece of kitchen kit you had to have and hardly, if ever, use and yet you always take? #3 Piece of kit you wish you had? Since I brought it up, I will go first... #1- Have to...
  6. Iubootgater

    Vintage Overlanding

    I find myself thinking more and more about a vintage LC/LR . I start out a ebay search with intentions of finding a 100 series LC or something similar and always end up looking a 60 series and troopies. Living in the Midwest does not require allot of rock crawling or extended desert crossings. I...
  7. Iubootgater

    I got mine.

    As the black key's say.... I got mine! anyone else?
  8. Iubootgater

    overlander or car camper?......

    Wow! According to overland journal I'm not even supposed to be here as traveling established routs for weekend trips is not overlanding but a backcountry trip or at the very least car camping. I'm so glad they cleared that up for me, the Midwest is not what I would call a place where one can...
  9. Iubootgater

    Overland Cooking and Recipes

    After several years of having to learn how to eat and drink well backpacking/kayaking, I wanted to start a thread on overland cooking/bartending! Like our host we like beer and other beverages in camp as well as good food. If you got a good recipe for food or drink please share! One of our...
  10. Iubootgater


    Thought since everyone here seems to be using their names instead of a "handle" I would as well, the artist formally known as iubootgater is actually Wilson. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
  11. Iubootgater

    Member Rides

    New to the site, well trolling for a few weeks but decided to get onboard. Do allot of boating and paddling and just recently got a "over landing" rig for the first time in several years. Got a low mile '01 jeep XJ ripe for some lift and outfitting. Love the land cruiser rig so well...