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  1. Jillsogw

    99 Tahoe build

    I'm beginning the build process of my 99 Tahoe... I've made sure the engine and drive train are in good condition and dependable. This will also be a daily driver. At this time, I'm planning on leaving her as stock as possible i.e. no lift. The next project will be tires, shocks and...
  2. Jillsogw

    Ideas for warmish trip in Feb 2019

    We are in the Sacramento, CA area and planning a trip in February. We are new to Overlanding having done just a couple day trips. The wife prefers something warm. I'm thinking this would be more desert or southwest in Feb. I have thought of the Mohave Trail, really would like to do this. We...
  3. Jillsogw

    Hello from Sacramento, CA

    Beginning the adventure of Overlanding. I've enlisted our 99 Tahoe, more room, comfortable ride. Most importantly the wife likes it better than the ZJ. Any suggestions or input on suspension upgrades for the Tahoe are appreciated. Not been able to find much out there. Also interested in...