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  1. Eric Neal

    What is your Overlanding Pet Peeve?

    being retired I find weekday trips are an excellent avoidance technique - most times - for excessive human BS, as long as it isn't a weekday bracketed by a holiday weekend. Moak and I have shared our opinions and agreed on this idea before... and amazingly enough we enjoy the solitude so much...
  2. Eric Neal

    Georgia Traverse

    Hottest and most humid time of the year for most of Georgia (late August) but being up in the mountains will help in the evenings. If you'd like to - Shoot me a note when you're a few days before leaving your home. I'll see if I and maybe my wife can break free for a few days to accompany you...
  3. Eric Neal

    Overland Related Recreation

    Wildflower searching and identification, birding, butterfly sighting/identification. Finding and following game trails as well as tracking along trails and stream sides - unless bear prints become evident and as mentioned earlier fungus (mushrooms and moss). Since much of what I do is solo...
  4. Eric Neal

    Georgia Traverse

    There are dozens upon dozens of campsites available but unless you use one of the "developed" campgrounds indicated on the GA Traverse website you'll fund multiple-vehicle (group) camping a little harder to find. Not impossible just requires more patience, scouting, and planning to set up...
  5. Eric Neal

    Tool Box Must Haves?

    Just an opinion here - take the tools YOU need, not what everyone else might need. Specifically I'm thinking your list includes both SAE and Metric... go with the design/manufacture of your rig and cut that weight, space, and "management of stuff" out of your chores.
  6. Eric Neal

    What is your all time favorite band?

    Bet there aren't many fans of the flugalhorn in this group! LoL But I could be completely wrong, it's happened before. Throwing out Mangione was a bit of a surprise. Thanks
  7. Eric Neal

    Wheeling alone.

    AZ Wandering Bear, sincere thanks sent to you for turning me on to Everett Ruess. I've never really enjoyed poetry - okay well a few pieces but very limited. Prob due more to my lack of effort, etc. BUT... after your remarks I checked out ER's website and scanned his poetry. Then I had to...
  8. Eric Neal

    Favorite truck bed setups with no topper?

    I use a Yakima bedrock and cross bar set up which keeps the Yakima RTT just below the roof line of my truck (02 Ranger 4x4). I have a three bin (Plano) set up. 2 medium (kitchen, pantry) and one longer one for general camp stuff plus a 7 gal water can and a 5+ gal fuel can with room for some...
  9. Eric Neal

    Wheeling alone.

    I typically go as a "solo vehicle" which typically includes my bride and our dog - but frequently it's just me and my kit. It's by choice. I have gone with groups on a few occasions (7-10 other vehicles) and found it less than delightful since I typically end up having to watch the vehicle in...
  10. Eric Neal

    What is your all time favorite band?

    Dilldog!! Thanks for the link/track, Dirtwire - "Stranger". Love it!!! Not all of their tracks are as engaging but this one is a winner.
  11. Eric Neal

    What is your all time favorite band?

    Gotta admit that the pure guitar sounds which DON'T include electronic feedback, distortions or other more modern "tricks" is really refreshing. Who would have thought two hollow body guitars could be so full of energy! Once again, thanks for the heads up about these two fine musicians.
  12. Eric Neal

    N. GA Duncan Ridge Rd (4/10-12/19)

    Wife left town for a few days so I grabbed the dog, travel kit (bins) and headed out with no particular plan or route. With so many previous trips on the GA Traverse some divided into various segments as day-trips or as overnighters over the years is remains a very nice way to spend a day or...
  13. Eric Neal

    What is your all time favorite band?

    Great of all you folks sharing... many I agree with and many are new (I have checked many out since the original post) so - to all, thanks for the exposure. For me, like many (I'm old yet open to new tunes) - it varies but here goes: SRV ZZ Top (saw them in Macon, GA last year and laughed...
  14. Eric Neal

    What is your all time favorite band?

    kinda reminds me of Seasick Steve and his three string guitar and beat box!! Good sound for so little equipment
  15. Eric Neal

    What is your all time favorite band?

    Old_Man: Thanks for the introduction. I assume this talent falls into Nuevo Flamenco??? I'm hooked! LOL
  16. Eric Neal

    Let’s be honest; Roof Top Tent- Yay or Nay?

    TacomaDave, I hear ya with the "theft & security" concerns. While I'm with my rig at campsites it's all too common to have unknown vehicles show up at all hours (day or night) and it creates a bit of a tense moment. Thankfully, so far, while remote/dispersed camping when the driver &...
  17. Eric Neal

    Southeast Overland Trip

    Thanks for the recap of your travels. Great story and I'm sure you will cherish these memories for life!
  18. Eric Neal

    frustration looms

    I thought "I" was having a poor run of luck but you've put my situation into a different, less aggravating, perspective. So, thanks for that but, on the other hand, I send you my warmest wishes for a near term resolution to your dental challenges. In the past my bride and I had a similar...
  19. Eric Neal

    Amazing over night stay by the river.

    Nice photos, great lookin rig!
  20. Eric Neal

    2019 Ford Ranger

    I believe the lack of aftermarket options will end up being a disappointment to a lot of new buyers... there has been so much media hype about this "new Ranger" with the intent to attract buyers - not doubt it has been working. But I have to admit that my '02 Ranger has been a real workhorse...