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  1. RPilk

    Camp Tents

    love our Gazelle T4plus....
  2. RPilk

    Best overland outfitters?

    Ozark Overland Outfitters in West go to gear supplier, full service shop as well... Artemis in Springfield..... great guys with a good selection.
  3. RPilk

    FAQ? Why not a pinned post?

    yes, and yes.... yes, sometimes, yes..... in other words, why dont we have a pinned post that asks and answers these type questions.....???? they are very common, Id like your knowledge to be available to all without you having to see the specific post and reply...
  4. RPilk

    FAQ? Why not a pinned post?

    Questions like- What are some good radio options- functionality vs cost vs size vs durability... What antenna works best in this application, and how to mount it? Remote head or full radio mount- pros cons, why? Mounting solutions?? I have a handle on most of this, but just notice a...
  5. RPilk

    FAQ? Why not a pinned post?

    like the title..... why no Frequently Asked Question post pinned at the top? I know there are VERY knowledgeable people in here..... It would save hours of searching for an item of question that piles of us have.....
  6. RPilk


    West Plains MO here!!!!!!!
  7. RPilk

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    LOL!!! pretty much. Her philosophy is if its bigger than her- FIGHT it..... smaller than her- EAT it..... that particular look is- COME AT ME BRO
  8. RPilk

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Cat...... NOPE! 90 pound Velociraptor!!!! named Deja.
  9. RPilk

    My BFF!!!! LOL!

    My BFF!!!! LOL!
  10. RPilk

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hi from West Plains Missouri!!!! My name is Rob, I am married to my best friend- Heather, we offroad a 2018 Jeep Wrangler that we affectionately call the Hello Kitty Jeep..... I have been offroading/overlanding for the majority of my life, over 40 years of experience off road driving and...