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  1. Jube

    Could Overland Bound Members Have Our Own Version of the Cajun Navy?

    Sign me up! Been there, done that several times! It's a worthy endeavor!
  2. Jube

    Overland Bound Rally Southeast 2019!

    Outstanding reply!! Great job!!
  3. Jube

    Thank you! Registered.

    Thank you! Registered.
  4. Jube

    Overland Bound Rally Southeast 2019!

    I'll take a stab at answering your question ... Byrd's is a large venue that has its own trails. I think if you participate on their trails, that's their rules? The venue is surrounded by Ozark National forest and there are lots of trails in the NF for you to explore!! Using Byrd's trails, I'm...
  5. Jube

    Danan, Any update on the SE Rally early June? It's been almost two months since the date was...

    Danan, Any update on the SE Rally early June? It's been almost two months since the date was posted and the event is a little over a month away and zero info posted that I could find? Several have asked in the live event section for info and no info posted. Thank you in advance for your input.
  6. Jube

    Tacoma with Alu-Cab Khaya $50,000

    Would you sell the Khaya separate? Price? I already have a Tacoma. Thank you.
  7. Jube

    Hey Tim! Great meeting you and Michele this past weekend! Call or text (870)423-9455 cell and...

    Hey Tim! Great meeting you and Michele this past weekend! Call or text (870)423-9455 cell and I’ll send Joey and Kelly’s contact info to you. I hope we get together again soon! Scot “Jube” Joubert
  8. Jube

    Hello From Arkansas

    Welcome Nathan! Nice rig.. I live about two hours north of you. I've never been to the rendezvous, but I registered last night. Thre will be several Overland Bound folks there, hopefully see you there! Be safe--
  9. Jube

    What is this trailer worth ?

    I'd inquire about the paperwork, title and registration. Is it transferable? That can be an obstacle on military trailers. Also you'll want to convert it to 12v if not already? My son in law bought one like it a year ago for $800. It didn't have the tarp and had been converted to 12v LED lights...
  10. Jube

    New Member from Fort Smith, AR

    Welcome from Green Forest, Ar.(NW AR)! The Ouachita National Forest is south of you and the Ozark National Forest is northeast. Lots of roads and great country in both to explore! Enjoy!!
  11. Jube

    Canoes...anyone got one?

    Old Town Discovery 169 would be my choice. Durable, stable and has a high load capacity. Very similar to the Old Town Tripper which might be the best all around 17' boat ever made in my opinion. Old Town's hold their value as well.
  12. Jube

    Central Arkansas Meet and Greet with Follow Up!

    I missed due to a funeral. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all next meeting. Thank you Joey for getting this going and the good comms! I have a Jeep and a Toy, maybe I can referee?? Happy New Year and be safe all.
  13. Jube

    Central Arkansas Meet and Greet - 12/30/2017

    Sorry I missed the meeting, I had a funeral I had to attend Saturday. Please keep me in the loop on future meetings. Happy New Year and be safe!
  14. Jube

    Fly Fishing

    Everything Chris Jones stated is spot on accurate! If I could only have one rod it would be a 6 wt.!! I was happy to find a fly fishing and kayak thread on here tonight. My home waters are the White and Norfork Rivers for trout, the Buffalo and Kings Rivers for Smallmouth bass all in NW...
  15. Jube

    How much water per person (or planning to stay hydrated)

    Rule of thumb is 3 gallons per person/day. That's inclusive of drinking, hygiene and cooking/clean up. I use a Sawyer filter rigged up in a gravity flow configuration overnight to restock water used the day before if I can. Depending on your water source that you are filtering, I use Propel...
  16. Jube

    Backwoods camp oven

    I commend you Sir for your leadership and instructing your Scouts with meaningful skill sets! I was blessed to have been in a high adventure troop when I was in Scouts. I reflect often and with appreciation for the leaders like yourself that I had that helped me attain the rank of Eagle Scout...
  17. Jube

    Favorite Roadtrip Tunes?

    I've heard of Sturgill Simpson, I'll check him out thanks! Nine of the artists you listed are also on my iPod... I need to redeem myself from the bowels of hell for not mentioning Jerry Jeff Walker and Robert Earl Keen first and foremost when I mentioned my Red Dirt/Texas Hill music choices...
  18. Jube

    What is your all time favorite band?

    Eagles and Pearl Jam.
  19. Jube

    Favorite Roadtrip Tunes?

    Good stuff! In my '76 CJ-5, Eagles, Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker and Stevie Ray Vaughn... In the Tacoma, mostly Pearl Jam and Red Dirt( Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue, Reckless Kelly, Micky and the Motorcars, Chris Knight, Cross Canadian Ragweed). You asked for favorite band, Eagles and...