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  1. slomatt

    LED Shell Lights

    A while ago I bought a used shell for my Tacoma and quickly discovered that finding things at night in a dark shell is not a lot of fun so, I decided to add some LED lights. My requirements were reasonable price, a warm color temperature (I really dislike bright white lights in camp), dimmable...
  2. slomatt

    ClampTite Tool

    I recently purchased a ClampTite tool (ClampTite) to add some low profile hose clamps to my air hose setup. This is a pretty cool little tool that could be very useful for various types of trail repairs, and in fact I'm thinking of adding it to the tool kit in my truck. I already carry bailing...
  3. slomatt

    2010 Tacoma "Are we truck people?" build

    (Here's the backstory, skip on down below if you are just interested in the truck.) My wife and I have used a SUV (first a Jeep ZJ, then a 3rd gen 4Runner) as our primary wheeling/camping vehicle for many years. After having our first child we realized that the extra space taken by the car seat...
  4. slomatt

    Props to OverlandBound

    Recently I've been spending some time on both a major Tacoma forum and a major 4Runner forum because I own both trucks and have been doing research. Is it just me or has the level of discourse gotten significantly worse over the last 5 years? The negativity is out of hand and the ratio of...
  5. slomatt

    Sourgrass Trail on Saturday 4/28/2018

    I might have posted the original thread in the wrong section, so I'm cross linking it here.
  6. slomatt

    [CA] Stanislaus National Forest (Highway 4 area) on 4/28/2018

    Two friends and I are doing a day trip to the Stanislaus National Forest off of highway 4 on Saturday 4/28. Our general plan is to run the Sourgrass Trail and then if time allows to explore Board's Crossing, Calaveras Big Trees, and other dirt roads in the area. Or, we could go farther up 4 and...
  7. slomatt

    [CA] Amador High Country Routes Project (Pardoe Trail )

    Overview The Pardoe Trail in the El Dorado National Forest was closed in 2012 as part of the "42 Trails" lawsuit. While the lawsuit has luckily been resolved in our favor this trail and several others are still closed pending action by the forest service. This lawsuit is a good example of how...
  8. slomatt

    Corral Hollow and Mattley Ridge, now with more snow! - CA

    This weekend some friends and I were planning to run the Deer Valley trail, but then a winter storm warning was issued and we decided to change our plans. Instead we headed up to the Bear Valley area and ran Corral Hollow and Mattley Ridge. There are other write ups for Corral Hollow on this...
  9. slomatt

    Vehicle Inventory

    This weekend I did an inventory of my truck and decided to take some pictures for my own reference and to share on this site. These are items that are always carried in the truck, with a general goal of trying to keep the weight reasonable while providing a high level of usefulness for vehicle...
  10. slomatt

    Blue Lakes and Indian Valley, CA

    Last August some friends and I explored the Blue Lakes and Indian Valley area and I finally got around to uploading the photos. This was a quick weekend trip, we left the Bay Area Saturday morning and got home Sunday night. We drove east up highway 88 and then turned south onto Forestdale Road...
  11. slomatt

    Forum for Land Use Issues

    I looked but didn't see a forum on Overland Bound dedicated to land use issues such as trail closures and access rights. Assuming there isn't such a forum already, I think it would be a good idea to start one up. As a community of overlanders it is important that we all work to make sure our...
  12. slomatt

    Hello from the Bay Area

    Location: Bay Area, CA Current Rig: 2000 Toyota 4Runner Sport, 5spd, e-locker Past Rigs: 1996 ZJ, 1996 D1 300tdi Greetings, a friend is an OB member and I finally got around to joining, it is good to see the growing community of overlanders. I started offroading about 16 years ago in a...